Lithic and QuarryResearch along the Eastern Seaboard

Society for American Archaeology Symposium140
Saturday Afternoon, April 8, 2000
Philadephia Marriott, Room 301, 1-3pm



Philip LaPorta
CUNY Graduate Center
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Gregory Bondar
Department of Anthropology, Penn State University 
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For many millennia, lithic materials dominated assemblagesof human material culture. Yet, quarries and quarry-related sites, amongthe most important prehistoric phenomena, remain among the least understood.Fortunately, in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in interestfocused on quarries and quarry technologies, raw material analysis, andpure geological studies pertaining to lithic raw materials. This sessionwill feature an inter-regional sharing and synthesis of expertise and experienceranging from analytic geochemical characterization of quarry material inNew England, to excavations of quarry-related reduction sites in Virginiaand North Carolina.









1:00 PM

Elizabeth Crowell & Philip LaPorta
Revising Holmes’ Quarries: A NewLook at the Quartzites from Piney Branch


1:15 PM

Kurt Carr & Robert Winters
Preliminary Testing at the SnaggyRidge, South Mountain Metarhyolite Quarries


1:30 PM

Michael Barber & George Tolley
Beyond Quarrying: Lithic QuarryActivities in Quartzite, Jasper, and Rhyolite


1:45 PM

David Sanger & Henry Berry IV
Why didn’t they use the good stuff?:Lithic Selection During the Archaic in Central Maine


2:00 PM

Gregory Bondar
Prehistoric Distribution and Useof Metarhyolites in Eastern North America


2:15 PM

Lawrence Abbott, Kenneth Robinson, MicheleVacca, & Nathen Mountjoy
The Uwharries Lithics Conference:A Collective Approach to Defining Raw Material Variability Within the Carolina Slate Belt of North and South Carolina


2:30 PM

Linda Sohl & Philip LaPorta
Geological Constraints on QuarryDevelopment in the Central Appalachians


2:45 PM

Philip LaPorta--Discussant