Preliminary Testing at the Snaggy Ridge, South Mountain Metarhyolite Quarries
Kurt W. Carr
PA Bureau for Historic Preservation
Robert Winters
Metarhyolite from the South Mountain region of Pennsylvania and Maryland has been used by Native Americans since Paleoindian times and studied by archaeologists since the 1890's.  Although, the metarhyolite formation covers several hundred square miles, there are abrupt changes in quality and quarry sites are spread unevenly throughout the region. This presentation will describe our investigations of the Snaggy Ridge/Carbaugh Run region of these quarries. Our report includes the preliminary results of mapping different types of sites associated with this outcrop, experimental knapping of the rhyolite and the initial results of one of the few controlled test excavations conducted at a prehistoric metarhyolite quarry pit. The diagnostic projectile points recovered from this excavation and radiocarbon dates have implications concerning the use of these Native American excavations.