The Uwharries Lithics Conference: A Collective Approach to Defining Raw Material Variability Within the Carolina Slate Belt of North and South Carolina
Lawrence Abbott
New South Associates, Inc.
Kenneth Robinson
Wake Forest University
Michele Vacca
Wake Forest University
Nathen Mountjoy
Wake Forest University
The Uwharries Lithics Conference was held in February of 1999 in Asheboro, North Carolina. The goal of this conference was to provide a venue within which scholars with an interest in the metavolcanic raw materials of the Carolina Slate Belt could come together and discuss the issues related to understanding this complex geological area. The conference was designed to bring together individuals from various disciplines in order to provide a collective approach to the issues related to the prehistoric use of this area as a major source of lithic raw materials. The results of this conference suggest that this sort of approach is highly productive and may serve to advance our understanding of lithic raw material identification, quarry sites, and sourcing analysis. This paper presents a summary of the conference and offers suggestions for future work at the collective level.