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Transporter/Erector Modified for Energia/Buran

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Last updated: July 24, 2001
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www.space.hobby.ru NPO Molniya www.space.hobby.ru
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"The OK-M (OK-ML-1) during horizontal 
intergration tests with a mock-up Energia."
k26's Site NPO Molniya Mark Wade
NPO Molniya
13.08 13.08
Moving along...(Note pole)
NPO Molniya Arnold E. van Beverhoudt, Jr.
Modified to transport Energia-M and being pushed by new locomotives.
NPO Molniya
13.10 13.11
Only the Energia
www.space.hobby.ru NPO Molniya Mark Wade

T/E Activity at Pad 1:
13.13 13.14 13.15
Only the Energia arriving at Pad 1
NPO Molniya NPO Molniya Mark Wade
13.16 13.17 13.18
"The OK-M (OK-ML-1)
at Baikonur performing
interface tests with a
mock-up Energia."
Only the Energia erected on Pad 1 Energia/Buran Erector being lowered.
k26's Site k26's Site NPO Molniya NPO Molniya RSC Energia
13.19 13.20 13.21
Arrival at Pad 1 Energia/Buran being erected on Pad 1 in 1988
NPO Molniya Daniel Marin www.space.hobby.ru
13.22 13.23
Note service arm in right forground.
NPO Molniya NPO Molniya

T/E activity at the static test/launch facility (not used for N-1):
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NPO Molniya NPO Molniya NPO Molniya NPO Molniya
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NPO Molniya NPO Molniya NPO Molniya www.space.hobby.ru VideoCosmos

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T/E's in 1997
FPSPACE David Woods
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