N-1 Photo Clearinghouse
A Site for the Collection and Dissemination of Information about the Soviet N-1 Moon Rocket

Once upon a time, photographic images of the Soviet Union's top secret lunar launch vehicle, the N-1, were extremely rare. However, over the last several years, increasing numbers of images have been appearing on Internet home pages. As more images appeared, I found myself wanting to compare these images with each other, and to place them, in some cases, in chronological order. In addition, as I viewed these images, subtle variations in orientation and cropping became apparent. For historical reasons, I feel it is important that these modifications be documented as well. Thus, it is with these goals in mind that I have compiled links to these images together under the single electronic roof of my N-1 Photo Clearinghouse.

N-1 Design and Testing
Support Facilities: MIK
Assembling the Launch Vehicle
Transporting the N-1 to the Pad
Arrival at the Launch Complex
Launch Pads
Launch of N1-3L
Launch of N1-5L
Launch of N1-6L
Launch of N1-7L

WARNING: As each of these pages loads many images of varying size from a diverse variety of servers, page-loading may be rather slow.

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Disclaimer: I must point out that I, Greg Bondar, make absolutely no claims of ownership or control to these images, or to the home pages of origin upon which they reside. It is only with the kind cooperation of the owners of those individual pages that these images are available at all. Please contact the owners of those pages for copywrite information. With this in mind, in every instance, the owners of the original images are duly cited.

Home pages from which these images were compiled:

Encyclopedia Astronautica
My Little Space Museum
Cosmonautics Page
N Odin's Home Page
FAS - Corona Products, Soviet Union - Space Page
Sven's Space Place
National Air and Space Museum
Russian Aerospace Guide
Energia Ltd. Homepage

Sandcastle V.I. Space Directory
VideoCosmos Homepage
RussianSpace.com Homepage

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In addition to the above web pages, here are some more links to other pages dealing with the N-1:
Jacqmans Spaceflight History Homepage
Justin Wigg's Space Flight Pages
Lux's Space Type Collection

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These pages were first uploaded, ironically enough, on July 16, 1999...the 30th. anniversary of the successful launch of Apollo 11.

These pages were last updated on February 10, 2000