In case of an emergency ...
Call 911.
     2. Call the campus safety group (814-865-6391 EH&S, 814-863-1111 campus police).
     3. Contact an EMT in the department (Jennifer Stefanik 814-876-2799).
     4. Contact the HAZMAT person (David DeCapria, 814-863-4800).

If you don't know, ASK!!!
    -  Always wear lab coats, safety goggles, and close shoes (no sandles).
     -  Clean up after yourself (e.g., no beakers left out)
     -  Label all experimental samples with name, date, and contents.
     -  Acids and solvents must be kept separated, and must be disposed of in properly-labeled bottles.
     -  Gas cylinders must be secured to lab bench tops.
     -  Eating and drinking must be done in 179 Fenske, NOT 178 where the equipment is.

     -  Equipment and supplies ordered on a Visa must have the receipt.
     -  Equipment over $5000 must have a sole source form filled out.  If several pieces <$5000 are pieced
         together to form one large piece, see Chris Wilson.
     -  Make copies of all order forms.

     -  Keep 178 and 179  locked at all times.  Things can be stolen quickly.
     -  Microscope sign-ups will be done.
     -  Never flip the microscope up alone.
     -  Change the chlorine tablet in the Millipore system when necessary.
     -  Work hard so Darrell takes the group out to lunch.
     -  Create a folder on the computer to keep all your work.
     -  Back up all your files on the CD writer.
     -  Recycle (paper, cans, cardboard).

Before you finish ...
     -  Leave your lab NBs and CDs.
     -  Clean up all your chemicals and your files on the computer.
     -  Sign all forms (see Chris Wilson).