The reason for my hope (Darrell Velegol)

And if you are asked about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.
     — 1 Peter 3:15 (NLT)

My hope in Jesus Christ.  It's what helps me wake up every day ready to change the
world.  If you have a question about my Christian hope, please see me or email me.  I would
love to explain how the grace of God has changed my life.

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[Note: all verses in this web page are from the New Living Translation.]

"Tolerance" is a constant buzzword today.   And I agree with tolerance ... unless it impinges on the
truth.  Many people want "tolerance" in religion.   And while the Lord is amazingly tolerant of our
weakness, he is not tolerant toward our sins or falsehoods.  We can choose any faith we want (e.g.,
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, atheism, etc.).  But the faiths are, in fact different.  For someone looking
for details, I suggest

          C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
          C.S. Lewis, Miracles
          Josh McDowell, Evidence that Demands a Verdict

But for me, the thing that separates Christianity is its GOOD NEWS!!!  What is the Good New? 
          -  God loves me just as I am.  He ACCEPTS me with grace!  Who else accepts us so unconditionally?
          -  God has a PLAN for my life.  I might have to change to accomplish it, but that’s OK.
          -  God will PROVIDE my needs.  Food, shelter, clothing, companionship, ability.
          -  God gives us a NEW beginning.  The past will not hold us back from His plan for us!

There are so many difficult questions people have before they become Christians …
     - Does Christiantiy say that the theory of evolution is incorrect?
     - What does Christianity have to say about the "Big Bang" theory?
     - How does a person know that the Bible is God's inspired word?
     - Even if the Bible were God's inspired word, has it been handed down faithfully?
     - Does Christianity say that Muslims, Jews, and Hindus are going to hell?
     - How can there be a God when such cruelty exists in the world?

There are many other such questions.   And I don't have good answers for all of them.  And
although a lot of people have thought about them, there still are no definite answers.  For
thousands of years, people have argued both sides of these (and other) questions, and for
every argument someone has given, a counterargument has been developed.  Of course,
there are many questions that Christians can ask non-Christians also ...

     - Are our thoughts truth, or mere nonsense arising from the molecules in our brain?
     - Is the physical universe that we sense the only one that exists, or is there a spiritual
     - Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where will we go after we die?

We all start with certain presuppositions in life.   The most consistent "life view" that I have
found is in the Bible, a set of books written by many different authors in many different
locations at many different times.  Many people first become Christians when they read
the Bible, because prior to that, they have never really heard God's word of truth.  As
someone once said, "Describe for me the God who you don't believe in.  I'm sure I don't
believe in that god either!"  I invite you to read the Bible.

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