Scott Bennett, Ph.D., The University of Michigan, 1993; Distinguished Professor of Political Science, and former department Head. Associate Director of the Correlates of War project. Co-chair of Penn State's Resarch Computing and Cyber-Infrastructure governance board. Specializes in international conflict, methodology, and computer applications. Has studied the duration of international phenomena including war, rivalry, and alliance. Is the author (together with Allan Stam, Dartmouth) of The Behavioral Origins of War (2004, University of Michigan Press), which conducts a comparative test of key theories of international conflict initiation and escalation. Has developed the EUGene and MARGene software packages used by researchers analyzing international conflict data. Has been developing and expanding agent-based simulations of how insurgencies develop in the face of various governmental responses. Came to Penn State in 1994.

Address: 318 Pond Lab, University Park, PA 16802-6106
Office phone: 814-865-6566
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