Cockpit Table Issues, Painting, Hatch Drain, Rudder Post, Hatch Rebuild

Patching the Holes in the Cockpit Sole

In the other Veranda web pages we described removing the cocktail table bases.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\projects_drafts\pics\P1060195.JPG

To patch these holes we wedged a piece of plastic covered plywood under the deck and used some sheet metal screws to support a piece of glass salvaged from our previous boat.

Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-06_15-48-23_978.jpg

The screws will hold the new glass disc at the appropriate height so we can goober up the perimeter with an epoxy paste.  After curing, the plywood and supporting screws are removed from the underside.

Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-06_15-48-18_482.jpg

Epoxied in place

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-06_16-49-34_357.jpg


Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-11_16-59-30_151.jpg

Doing this stuff during the winter in a shrink wrapped region requires a bit of protective gear.  Somebody needs to zip up that jacket a bit.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-31_13-13-36_489.jpg

After grinding all the old non-skid off using a 7” grinder and 60 grit sandpaper (talking about a messy job), we get to apply the epoxy primer.

Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060543.jpg

After the primer, comes the smooth coat, and eventually the non-skid.

Description: Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060545.jpg

If you wonder how we ventilate the region, a fan was mounted in the shrink wrap and used as a power exhaust port with the zippered door on the other side of the boat left open.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060548.jpg

Owners of Pilgrims will recognize this miserable drain that removes water (or not) from the veranda cabin sole hatch.  Ours was continually clogging and always leaving water in the sill due to its’ placement.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-06_15-06-50_813.jpg

You can see how far the actual drain area is above the bottom edge.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-03-06_15-30-47_493.jpg

We redesigned the drain fitting to eliminate any rise and printed it on a 3D printer in ABS.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060565.jpg

The fitting mounts on the back side of the hatch rim and is bedded in a polyurethane sealant.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060586.jpg

Now any water getting into this area will drain without obstruction and the most water left will be in the recesses.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060584.jpg

All the teak trim need to be removed to do a proper paint job anyway.  We can now use a hose on the veranda around the hatch and the water quickly drains overboard without overflowing the trim and going into the bilge.  Yes, I know that the bilge gets pumped overboard but still……

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060595.jpg

While we are down mucking around in the bilge in this area it is quite obvious that the hose clamps around the rudder post need some attention.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060591.jpg

We cut the old ones off with a cut off tool as there was no chance in loosening those clamps and replace them with some real (as in expensive) ones.  I guess I should have cut the bolts down a bit.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-04-06_14-52-58_230.jpg

Veranda Sole Hatch

Our hatch must have been designed to double as a boat shoe sole washer as a puddle of water liked to collect on the top.  Since we are repainting, this would be a good time to correct this issue.  The center of the hatch was about ¼” low and we happened to have some ¼” fiberglass sheeting (actually the original cover on a sliding hatch on our previous trawler).  A piece of this epoxied to the center of the hatch would give us a good start in the re-fairing process.  The bags are our 25lb lead filled floor (gravity) clamps.  When we (hopefully) move aboard those bags of lead go on the boat to become trimming ballast.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060407.jpg

Now that there is a 1/4” glass rectangle in the center, we need to fair in the rest of the hatch.  Layers of roving were used in this process.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-02-22_18-16-40_697.jpg

Roving epoxied into place:

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-02-22_19-10-06_66.jpg

While doing the fairing we used modeling clay to keep the fairing compound from filling the regions for the hinges and latch.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060516.jpg

Final fairing

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\P1060559.jpg

Primed, Smooth coated and ready for the non-skid.  The only reason why the entire hatch was smooth coated was because the paint was mixed up and well, you don’t waste paint, you use it.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-05-12_16-48-59_925.jpg


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-05-12_17-53-56_355.jpg

Reinstalled in the veranda sole

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-05-15_10-02-01_202.jpg

A 40lb gas cylinder is used to support it in the open position.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-05-19_11-59-59_365.jpg

Since the base of the table is now above deck rather than recessed we had to make some shims to compensate for the crown in the cockpit sole.  As we were making these from Starboard they needed to be machined to produce the proper taper.  Our CNC router was used to cut and taper them.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-07-31_14-02-02_819.jpg

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-08-01_16-55-56_73.jpg

After painting and re-mounting the cocktail tables:


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-08-01_16-55-45_113.jpg

Later PILGRIMS have an elliptical table that stores under the overhead.  You can drop this down and place it over the cocktail tables turning them into a substantial table.


After a lot of effort the veranda is now suitable for entertaining guests, as in a table for six for dinner.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-08-15_17-41-27_978.jpg

We had relatively simple meal of salmon off the grill, veggies, roll, wine and a nice Port for desert.  In reality we don’t set a table like this very often, although salmon seems to be our favorite meal.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\veranda\2012-08-15_19-16-04_985.jpg

During the winter of 2013 we removed the sliding veranda doors to apply a maintenance coat of varnish.  While we had the doors off we decided to replace the slides as they had a tendency to rock which would cause the doors to bind.  These slides were not original but were added by a previous owner after the rollers ate grooves into the glass track.

We used Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE, UHMW) and eliminated the sticking issue.


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