Tub Removal, Shower Addition, Vacuflush Head, Lights, Cabinets

Shower/Head Replacement

The head needed a major revamping.  Since we didn’t have a dog, the bathtub needed to go to free up some space.  In addition we planned on replacing the venerable electric head with a Vacuflush.

Out with the tub.

The box that raised the head up to working height was removed.  There was no finish on the wood and since the head leaked “moisture” at times into this area, it was no wonder why the head smelled like a head.  Pulling the entire floor eliminated that source of odor.



You have to love renovation projects

Head Trim

Completed shower stall with new VacuFlush Head

Summer of 2013 had us add a LED light strip under the toe kick that acts as a 12v night light.


The switch is just above the holding tank indicator and nicely covers a hole that was cut into the cabinet for who knows what reason at an earlier point in time.


The last item of business was a cabinet that goes next to the shower for towel storage.  Somebody managed to drag that project out over three months as it wasn’t high on the priority list.

The shower plumbing is to the left of the cabinet next to the wall which explains the white support spacer.  The single lever control for the shower is mounted on the right side, behind the shower curtain.

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