Forward Deck

Cabin Top Painting, Breeze Booster, Stem Issues


Stateroom Cabin Top Painting

The last bit if non-skid painting that needed to be done was the area above the forward stateroom.  Evidently previous owners kept a cushion on the seat in the bow in place most of the time as the area was covered with blisters in the gel coat. 

If you look closely and the picture below you can see where we opened up the many blisters (about one hundred, the dark areas) and then filled them in with epoxy paste.

Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\P1060622.jpg

Primer Coat


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\P1060630.jpg


Smooth Coat in select areas


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-07-13_10-15-53_126.jpg


Non-skid, officially finishing the walking deck/boat deck painting project, a project that ended up taking the better part of a year.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-07-13_13-27-02_393.jpg


We still need to make up new trim that covers the house to cabin side joint.  The original trim was teak, painted by prior owners, removed and repainted by us and now being re-made using Starboard for ease of maintenance.


Breeze Booster


One of these items came with the boat.  A little fiddling had it fitted to the forward hatch.  We will see how effective it is one of these days at anchor but it can’t hurt.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-08-02_12-06-59_718.jpg


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-08-02_12-09-50_988.jpg


Stem Issus


LIBERTY had some issues with the ˝” wide SS strip running down the leading edge of the stem.  Last fall our anchor snubber pulled the last foot of it loose from the bottom of the stem under the waterline.  We decided that what was really needed was a longer piece that was both fastened and fit better.  The end needed to be ground to a smooth radius so as not to snag the anchor snubber rather than having a sharp sheared edge and countersunk for fasteners so that the edges of the screws would not present a snag point.


After removing the old piece, when we went to over drill the holes so as to fill them with epoxy for the new fasteners we found a fairly substantial hairline crack connecting some of the screw holes.  While drilling out the holes it became obvious that there was a pretty big void behind the glass in the stem.


We used a grinder to open up the crack which pretty much extended into the void beyond.  You can see where somebody must have used Marine Tex to fill some wounds in the stem just below the rub rail after they had a meeting with something more substantial than a Pilgrim.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-04-29_12-17-45_237.jpg


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-04-29_12-17-37_5.jpg


There is of course substantial glasswork inside of the quite narrow stem region, so we backfilled the entire region with an epoxy filler mix over a few days’ time.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-04-29_12-18-16_155.jpg


Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\boat_deck\2012-05-04_15-16-03_748.jpg


After some fairing, paint and attaching the new SS stem band you need to look pretty close to see that there was work done in this area.


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-05-15_17-21-49_481.jpg


Description: Description: P:\Private\data\Pilgrim_40_information\Liberty\pictures_drafts_8_12\front_deck\2012-05-19_10-02-29_633.jpg


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