Boat Deck Dock Box

The regulation dock box that we had to purchase for our slip at the YC wasn’t going to do any good sitting on the dock in Erie while we weren’t there so we decided to mount it on the boat deck.  On the boat we store our folding clown bikes, additional anchor rodes, a 5 gallon portable compressed air tank and other odd items in here.

We fabricated some stainless brackets for support from the rails and used Starboard to raise the base high enough that we can keep the deck clean underneath it.

Fly Bridge Cushions and Covers

We finally got around to replacing the one piece cover for the fly bridge that came with the boat when we bought it.  The issue with that cover was that if you wanted to do anything on the fly bridge, the entire cover needed to come off.  Since it wasn’t a tight fit it also moved a bit in the wind, wearing the varnish on the helm seat back.

With the on-demand hot water heater moved out of the boat and into the fly bridge we wanted to be able to vent the waste heat without having to remove the cover so we installed an access hole in the acrylic.

To keep us busy during the winter we made new cushions for the helm and side seats.  We used the same materials that were used for the veranda cushions, ensolite foam and dryfast foam covered in acrylic with a mesh underside.  At last count we had 21 separate pieces of green “things” on the boat.  Thank goodness we weren’t paying other people to do this.

The helm seat back pivots so you can either face forward or backwards.  The constant motion of the cover in the wind causes the varnish to wear on the bearing surfaces.  Rather than continuing to fight with that problem we replaced the wood parts with plastic and put wear plates on the uprights.

Cell Antenna

We have a 4G cell antenna mounted on the forward edge of the fly bridge that is a great help in areas with marginal or weak signals.

The phone mounts in a cradle in the pilot house where it receives the signal from the antenna.  We then use PdaNet on the phone as a hot spot to broadcast the signal through the boat.

Mast Cradle

We re-purposed the old rail outboard motor mount to hold the mast on the centerline when we drop the spar.  After cutting the shape into the mount with a band saw we needed to pad it.  The best we could do on short notice was some ensolite foam held on with some 3M duct tape.  Duct tape usually isn’t my style but this stuff costs almost $30/roll.

When the spar is up (90% of the time), the mount gets pivoted down and hidden under an acrylic cover.

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