Holding Tank Filter

We have tired of spending $80+ for the Sealand holding tank filters as they don’t seem to last as long as we expect.  To that end we decided to build our own.

It only takes a few dollars’ worth of PVC tube and fittings, some air filter mesh (furnace filter) and a jug of activated charcoal for aquariums to build your own, refillable filter.  We did have the advantage in having a laser engraver/cutter to cut out the acrylic end pieces that back up the furnace filter stuff.

The one end is held in place with hot glue, the other end is held in place by the threaded cap so when we want to recharge the filter, we simply unscrew the cap, dump out the charcoal, refill it and replace the cap.

I believe the big jug of carbon cost all of $14 and the filter uses all of it.

Initially we mounted the filter horizontally but found that after a few months that the charcoal had settled allowing “vapors” to pass over the top instead of through it.  We simply let the filter hang at an angle so now there is no chance of anything not going through the system.

There is a big difference in volume between the $80/one time use model and our recharge for $14 version.

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