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"If you think you're so important,
 try ordering someone else's dog around."

Cowboy wisdom

Rosie at 7 months old

(Rosie's photo album below)

Rosie is a purebred Labrador Retriever born 12/31/97. Rosie's mother is fox red, and her daddy, Keepsake's Drift'N Dickens, is yellow.  Rosie is officially registered with the American Kennel Club as yellow although she is really very red. Her official name is Keepsake's Ramblin' Rosie D (for Dickens.) Keepsake is the breeder in Renfrew, near Pittsburg, PA, where we got Rosie.  Rosie is beautiful and even has red eyelashes!  

Rosie's daddy  
Rosie's daddy, Keepsake's Drift'N Dickens

Above is one of my favorite pictures of Rosie.  She is 7 months old in this picture but now she weighs about 58.8 pounds (her full size), staying svelte on 2 daily cups of Pro Plan's Adult Lite Chicken and Rice, plus human food that she sneaks. Rosie nearly weighed 75 pounds at one point. Unbeknowst to us, Labradors have a tendency towards obesity, so we're very careful with her weight now. She, however, does not starve!

Summer 2001

Rosie is very good at her job: stealthily looking for and eating human food, resting, getting in the way, and going for rides.  We never actually see her eating the human food, but she leaves the kids' dishes behind so clean, we could put them back in the cupboard.  She acts like a homeless, starving dog sometimes, licking her empty food bowl during the day.  She looks particularly hilarious when we let her outside, and she sometimes looks in at us through our French doors that open out to our side yard.  She once devoured a half pound of American cheese and a whole load of oat bread.  (We left Rosie and the groceries in the car when we ran in to another store.)  She actually showed no interest in dinner that night!  She also once consumed an entire box of gourmet dog snacks that she got as a Christmas gift.


Two of her strangest snacks were mothballs and homemade candles. I placed mothballs around my petunias to keep the rabbits from eating the flowers. (Rabbits and neighborhood cats know Rosie is a pushover in her own yard and come and go as they please.) We suspect Rosie ate them because one day the mothballs were there, and the next day, every one was gone.  Rosie also ate 2 candles that Lucy made for me.  Left nothing but a few crumbles of red and blue wax and one wick.

Bad dog alert!!!   October 16, 2001...
Rosie shredded one of Lucy's poopy diapers in the back seat of our minivan!  (We were out and had to do an "emergency change" in the car.) Gross!  I did not speak to Rosie for 2 days. As usual when I am upset with her, she tries everything to get me to touch her, like putting her head under my hand.  This is one of those occasions where Rosie gets called a name (see below.)  "Jerk" is most appropriate in this instance.

Rosie must have just done something naughty before I snapped this picture!

Rosie has a phobia of the basement stairs.  She just refuses to climb those stairs.  She cries and barks until someone, i.e., Mama, carries her, a 60 pound spoiled Labby, up the stairs.  Rosie often ends up in the basement because she is neurotic about Mom.  She follows me all around the house, fearing I will leave without her somewhere. She ends up in the basement when I do laundry.  It's quite funny when I go up and down stairs doing laundry, forgetting things, doing chores -- there's Rosie, panting right behind me (and getting in my way.)

Update on the basement stairs issue (March 2002):
Rosie won.  I tried letting her in the basement until she came up on her own.  Never did; she would just bark like a jerk until she got on my very last nerve and I carried her up the stairs.  Now I stop the van on the driveway and open the door for her like a chauffeur.  She jumps out and goes to the back door.  When I get inside the house, I let her in.  Sigh...

Rosie is the most docile animal on earth.  You would think she is 10 years old when she's only 5!  When we first brought Lucy, our daughter, home from the hospital, Rosie was a jealous toddler, shredding up tissues when she could. Now she is past that. Lucy stuck her hands in Rosie's mouth, climbed on her, pulled her fur, and Rosie just took it all. You would think Rosie would have walked away!   She's the best! Sabrina is very gentle with Rosie.  We just had a third child on 12-23-02, and the other day I propped the baby on Rosie and Rosie stayed there for 10 minutes while I took pictures.  Rosie, Lucy, Sabrina, Baby Tim, and I are usually always together. Often you will find our 5 heads within two square feet!

Rosie propping up Sabrina and being used as a pillow by Lucy
Rosie, Sabrina, Lucy

Someone once said to me she really likes labs. She said they look so pathetic and they think they're small, and they probably wish you would pick them up and put them on your lap. I couldn't agree more! :)

Things I have been called
A jerk
Jelly belly bird legs
"The dog" (by non dog-lovers)
Nervous Nelli
Neurotic about Mom
Stealth dog
Red girl
Big chicken
Lard ass (when she descends stairs)
A loser

Things I have eaten or chewed
Lucy's poopy diaper
Sabrina's poopy diaper
2 wax candles Lucy made for Mom, leaving 1 wick
My own poop
Mom's razors in the tub
Toilet paper
Whole loaf of oat bread
All of Lucy's snacks & meals left unattended
Hemlock trees in my yard
Half pound of American cheese
Whole box of gourmet dog biscuits from Grandpop at Xmas
Lucy's infant wrist rattle
Mom's houseplants
Dad's new Greg Norman polo shirt
$100 worth of Mom's unused Clarins makeup
Mom's orthotic inserts
A handcrafted wooden clock that Grandpop made for Mom
4 1/2 out of 5 sweet potatoes cooling outside for Thanksgiving

Rosie's photo album
(Click on thumbnail for larger picture)

A note from Rosie's Mama:  Rosie is the most beautiful dog.  Though I try to capture her "thoroughbred look" in photographs, most of the time she looks quite pathetic, as you can see in the pictures below... I have ordered the pictures with the most recent ones first.

I also apologize that some of the pictures are so large! I scanned many of Rosie's pictures in years ago when I was first learning how to create webpages and use a scanner, and I have since had 2 beautiful daughters and a son, who also have their own websites.  Poor Rosie is low man on the totem pole.  I'll fix her pictures some day...

Rosie's Mama

What an animal! Enjoy!

Attending a tea party thrown by Lucy and Sabrina
Rosie in July
Rosie at the back door

Rosie and MamaAre we having fun yet?  (At Lucy's 3rd birthday party)4 years oldFall 2001
Is someone at the door??
Keeping watch, the Big Protector (scoff scoff)!A good spot to get in Mom's way...3 and 3/4 years old...

Mom's expecting a baby today.  I'm like excited.

Swimming with Nick, summer 1999Learning to swim1 1/2 years old
1 1/2 years oldWatching over Baby LucyMother henning
15 months old14 months old1 year old1 year old
1 year oldAmongst the poinsettias for my first Christmas, 1 year old1 year old10 months old
4 months old11 weeks old in bath tubDonita, (2 weeks pregnant with Lucy), Tim, and Rosie, early 19989 weeks old

Rosie has manners!

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