Raptor 30 Pro w/TT36 by Ace Hobby

It took awhile, but I finally worked up the nerve and gathered enough flight experience to feel worthy of an attempt at heli flight.  It wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be.  Granted, I've not advanced to smooth forward flight yet but it took only a few gallons of fuel to become totally comfortable with hovering and mild translational flight - even in fairly windy conditions.  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and rehashing everything that's already out there about the Raptor 30 I've just posted some of what I consider the nicer links for this inexpensive yet nice flying bird.  Most of these sites have tons of other info above and beyond the Raptor 30.  Also, I have included a bit of info that I consider important or unique.

My Raptor 30:

It's a stock Raptor 30 Pro w/TT36 engine, Weston UK pipe, Telebee gyro, and Futaba UHPS w/S9202 servos except for the tail rotor servo which is a JR DS8417.  I'm using a homemade tail rotor boom servo mount.  (I'll probably get a commercial one eventually.)  I've also added a header tank.  I find W.S. Dean's antennae to be a great modification for any R/C craft.  Check out my Raptor 30 photo gallery to see things for yourself.

Modifications to Consider

Some Other Things I Consider Important:

The Infamous TT36 Low Speed Needle Valve Saga:

You've probably read all about the different versions of the TT36 low speed needle valve for the stock engine in the Raptor 30. Well, I've not actually seen an image of these needles posted so here's one for your viewing pleasure.  Perhaps the geometry of these needles will give you some feel for just what might be going on with each version and why one may be better than another.  The roman numeral is the version number of that needle.  (They are in chronological order.)  I'm currently flying with version III but others like earlier versions.  I may switch once I get more experience and am more capable of making a decision as to which I like better.  As you can see, the difference between versions II and III appear to be miniscule; however, version I must certainly result in a tremendous difference in engine behavior.

My Raptor Crashes: