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English 4 Textbook Sites and Student Resource Real Writing textbook site -- A great on-line web dictionary -- English dictionary practice -- Penn State's UPort -The Undergraduate Information Network

English 15 Textbook Sites - The Longman Reader - The Writer's Reference

Country Profiles -- The BBC's Country Profiles

English Dictionaries On Line -- Look up any word on line! -- a traditional dictionary, an idiom dictionary, a phrasal verb dictionary and more

Idioms -- The Idiom Connection –explanations and on-line quizzes -- Dave's ESL Cafe – This idiom page has useful examples.

Grammar Resources -- many self-checking grammar exercises

Resources for Research Papers html -- The English Research Room -- lots of tutorials and links to good sources -- a helpful search engine -- automatically formats your bibliography -- the Internet Public Library -- a huge resource! the Internet Public Library's newspaper page -- many countries represented

Spelling online spelling quiz, tips and links

Pronunciation and Listening Practice (As listed on West Chester University's TESOL page) -- Practice specific sounds that give you trouble. -- lots of listening practice -- Learn how a word attaches to the one following it to create a reduced sound. -- intonation

American Government -- Learn more about American government! -- Find and write to your representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. -- Find and write to your senators.

Tips for College Success -- Not the Thirteen Grade! -- great tips for college success

Cultural Opportunities -- half-price tickets to events in Philly and a schedule of area events -- museums in Pennsylvania -- The main page links to information about museums throughout the United States.

Money Management for College Students -- budgeting tips and worksheets for students -- lots of money-saving tips for college students -- A student gives advice on saving money.

Comparison Shopping -- compares many online stores -- an online shopping bot -- inexpensive

Teacher Resources -- the Internet TESL Journal -- West Chester University's MA TESOL page online directory of ESL resources -- Penn-TESOL East: The Eastern Pennsylvania Area Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

For Fun -- tongue twisters around the world -- animal sounds in many languages -- Try a new recipe tonight! -- Try the word games! (They're some of Mrs. Seifried's favorites!)

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