Fall 2004 - Prof. Atwill 
(208 Engineering Unit E)

Week 1


Page numbers indicate readings in 
The Search for Modern China

Aug. 31 (T)

Introduction:  Course Overview

Discussion Leader Sign-up List

Sept. 1 (W)

The “Orient”:  Understanding China (from the West) 

xxi; Chinese Language; Chinese Names

Sept. 3 (F)

Sources of East Asia Meet in Library (Paterno 302)

Week  2

The Glory of the Qing


Sept. 6 (M)

The Founding of the Qing & Life Under the Manchus

Forbidden City:  Visual Tour

Sept. 8 (W)

Forbidden City: Life in the Qing Court MAP QUIZ [map; term list; quiz map]; Ch. 1 (p. 26-48)

Sept. 10 (F)


Doc 1 (Two Edicts Concerning the Wearing of Hair



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Week  3

Foreign Rule


Sept. 13 (M)

Ruling China: The Chinese Civil Service Ch. 5  (p. 96-116)

Sept. 15 (W)

Qianlong: The Sun at Midday  

Sept. 17 (F)

Discussion: CROSSLEY, The Manchus
Response Paper #1 Due (Questions & Guidelines)
Doc 1 (He Shan Case Files); 
Doc 2 (Examination Life - Part 1 Part 2
[Example of 8-legged Essay (optional!)]




Week  4

Arrival of the West


Sept. 20 (M)

China's View of the World in 1790 Ch. 6 (p.117-137)

Sept. 22 (W)

Macartney Mission  

Sept. 24 (F)

Discussion:   Doc 1 (Qianlong Edicts); 
Doc 2 (McCartney's Commission)




Week  5

View from Below & Beyond  

Sept. 27 (M)

China's Borderlands: Internal Colonialism? Yunnan Bordertown:  Visual tour

Sept. 29 (W)

Managing the Foreigners:  The Canton System of Trade  

Oct.  1 (F)

Discussion New Hardships:  Doc 1 (Demographic Crisis); Doc 2 (Frontier PoliticsTibet Map




Week  6

The Opium War(s)


Oct. 4 (M)

The Opium Debate Ch. 7 (p.145-166); Doc 1 (The Co-Hong)

Oct. 6 (W)

The Opium War   

Oct. 8 (F)

Discussion: WALEY, The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes
Response Paper #2  Due (Questions )
Opium War: Doc 1 (Treaty of Nanjing), Doc 2 (Letter of Advice to Queen Victoria); MAP




Week  7

To Change China


Oct. 11 (M)

Making China In 'Our' Image  

Oct. 13 (W)

Westerners In China/China in the West Imperialism's Effect on China

Oct. 15 (F)

Fall Study Break (No Class)   




Week  8



Oct. 18 (M)


Review Sheet (pdf-format)

Oct. 20 (W)



Oct. 22 (F)

The China "Call:" Christianity in China

East Meets West:  Doc 1 (Anti-Foreigner Placard)




Week  9

Domestic Rumblings


Oct. 25 (M)

Internal Rebellion: Nian Rebellion

Ch. 8 (p.167-191)

Oct. 27 (W)

Panthay Rebellion:  


Oct. 29 (F)

Discussion: Theorizing Rebellion

Doc 1 (Anderson, Mandalay to Momien)
Doc 2 (Kung Lien-Chieh, Kung Te joins the Nien)




Week 10

Taiping Rebellion


Nov. 1. (M)

Hong Xiuquan


Nov. 3 (W)

Taiping Rebellion  

Nov. 5 (F)

Discussion: SPENCE, God's Chinese Son
Response Paper #3  Due (Questions )
Doc 1 (Taiping Plan); Doc 2 (Taiping Ode for the Youth)




Week 11

Internal Reforms


Nov. 8 (M)

Zeng Guofan:  From Hunan Army to Self-Strengthening Ch. 9 (p.192-214)

Nov. 10 (W)

Zongli Yamen:  Li Hongzhang Doc 1 (Zeng Guofan & the West), Doc 2 ,(Li Hongzhang & Western Arms); Doc 3 (Li & Western Studies)

Nov. 12 (F)

Discussion: China's "Restoration"? (Optional Readings: Doc. 4 "Usefulness vs. Essence)



Week 12 "Rei(g)ning in China"  

Nov. 15 (M)

The Empress Dowager:  Cixi  Ch. 10 (p.215 - 229)

Nov. 17 (W)

Failure of Self Strengthening?: Liang Qichao & Kang Youwei  

Nov. 19 (F)

Discussion Doc1(Cixi) ; Doc 2 (Kang Youwei); Doc 3 (Liang Qichao on Reform)




Week 13

A Dying Realm 


Nov. 22 (M)

No Exit?:  The Qing Court in 1899  Doc 1( Sun Yat-sen's Reform Proposal)

Nov. 24-26 (W/F) Thanksgiving Holiday





Week  14

Centuries End  

Nov. 29 (M)

Boxer Rebellion: Chinese Perspective Discussion Questions  

Dec. 1 (W)

Boxer Rebellion: Foreign Perspective Ch. 10 (229-242)

Dec. 3 (F)

Discussion: HEVIA, English Lessons 
Response Paper #4  Due (Questions)
Doc 1 (Boxer Memoirs); Doc 2 (Proclamations of the Boxers)



Week  15


Dec. 6 (M)

Too Little Too Late:  Late Qing Imperial Reform  

Dec. 8 (W)

Looking Towards Revolution  

Dec. 10 (F)

Review Final Exam Review Sheet

Dec. 14

FINAL EXAM (8-9:50 a.m.) 208 ENGR E


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