UNIT III Book Quiz
Tibetan Diary:  From Birth to Death and Beyond in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal

Study Guide


Section I:  Matching (10 terms = 20 points)

the following are some themes that you should ponder and be able to respond to Thursday on the book quiz. In addition you should be able to identify the main characters, places, and other significant details for the matching section (ten terms).



Lopon Zangpo



Lord Pungyen

Tashi Döndrup



Tashi Dorje

Jowo Rinpoche





Tsewang Gyatso


Section II: Short Answer (80 points)

Instructions:  Write a short essay in response to the following question.  You may write on the bottom and backside of this sheet but NO other additional paper will be provided.

In his prologue Geoffrey Childs contests the common depiction of Tibetan Buddhism as the most salient feature of Tibetan culture.  He finds such a characterization “far too simplistic, laden with logical fallacies [which lie] at the root of an antiquated and naïve stereotype that has cast Tibetans as a people incarcerated in an eternal past.” (p. 1).  After having read Tibetan Diary suggest two or three specific dimensions of Tibetan life (visible in the book) that better illustrates modern Tibetan life.