Lect. #16 Treasure Hunters and Saintly Madmen

I. Treasure Hunters (Terton)
       A. Terton:  Finders of treasure
              1. Nyingma school
                     a. Padmasambhava
                     b. terma:  hidden treasures
                            - physical: material objects)
                            - mental: pure vision'
                            - beyul:  'retreats'
                     c. general scope
                            - safeguarded by spells
                            - specific time and specific person
                            - promote and meet needs of religion
              2.  terton
                     a. considered to be boddhisattvas who possess special qualities
                     b. duty to explain and transmit meaning of terma
              3. skeptics

II. Saintly Madmen and Crazy Saints
       A. Saintly Madmen (drubnyon)

              1. Common stereotype
                     a. perverse activity: drinking, fornicating, thieving, magical tricks
                     b. traditional traits
                            - reject 'normal' customs (monastic life)
                            - bizarre clothing
                            - disregards normal indications of social status
                            - disdains 'book learning'
                            - commonly uses 'colorful' language
                     c. Milarepa's example
                            - see through people's behavior to true intentions
                            - magical powers