Lect. #15 Crazy Saints, Yogis and Treasure Seekers

I. Introduction
       A. Tsongkapa (1357-1419)
              1. Born in Amdo Kumbum Monastery
                     - 1398: Dream (blessed by Buddhapalita)

                     -Founded new school of Tibetan Buddhist Thought:  Gelug-pa
              2. Tibetan Reformer?
                     - New emphasis on ordained monks
                     - Not anti-tantric
                     - Warned of difficulty
              3. Tantric Practices under the Gelugpa
                     - Inclusive (but only small minority)
                     - Sexual practices

II. Yoga Tantra
       A.Yoga Tantra
               1. Outer yoga tantra
                     - ritual purity
                     - inward contemplation
                     - functioning of mind main goal
                     - primordial awareness
               2.Highest yoga tantra
                     - stage of generation
                     - stage of completion

       B. Six Teachings of Naropa
Highly effective methods of the Kagyu Lineage.
                     - Inner Heat [Tib. Tumo (tummo)]
                     - Luminosity [Tib.od gsal (osel)]
                     - Dream [Tib. Milam]
                     - Illusory Body [Tib. Gyulu]
                     - Intermediate State [Tib. Bardo]
                     - Transference of Consciousness [Tib. Phowa]

    2. Inner Heat (Yogis of Tibet)
                     a. Psychic currents ('winds')
                     b. Candali (Tib:  tummo/Skt: Kundalini)
                     c. Repa tradition
                     b. Alexandra David-Neel