HIST 10 - World History to 1500
Lect. # 22

Dürer’s Rhinoceros and Europe’s early encounters with the World

IDs:         Tisquantum
                Chafarix d’el Rey

I. Introduction: Pilgrims
        1. Tisquantum (Squanto)
                • 1614: sold into slavery
                • 1619: returned to New England

II. Ganda and Europe's Re-engagement with the World
    A. Ganda the Rhinoceros
        1. Lisbon (Portugal)
                • Ottoman Empire
                • Trade routes
                • Portuguese around Africa
        2. Alfonso d’Albuquerque

    B. Africans in Europe/Europeans in Africa
        1. Lisbon (Portugal)
                • Uni-directional?
                • Africans in European Art
                • Slavery and manumission in 15th century Europe
        2.Chafariz d’El-Rey (The King’s Fountain)
                • aguaderos: water carriers
                • Order of Santiago
                • Rua Nova dos Mercadores

II. Benin and 15th Century Europe

    A. Benin Bronzes
        1. European Brass and Benin Ivory
        2. Portuguese in Benin
                • African perspectives of Europeans
                • Pepper, ivory and gold
                • European brass
                • Followed by Dutch and British

                •13 January 1897
                      - Reception of Benin Bronzes in Europe

                      - Artistic merit
    B. Who's Art?
                • Returning Africa's Art
                         - Germany, US, Ireland
                         - Not British Museum                         

  III. Conclusions
        1. Trans-global exchanges
        2. Interactions or Transactions?