HIST 10 World Civ
Lect. # 16

Love, Romance & Dating in Pre-Modern Heian Japan


          mono no aware
          Tale of Genji

I.  Introduction
          A. The World in 10th Century
          B. Geographic Overview
                   • Geography (map)
                   • Tsushima Straits  

II. Medieval Japan
         A. Chinese Model
                   • Links with Tang China
                             - Korea
                             - Buddhism 
                             - Great Taika Reform
         B. Nara (710-784) [map] [Chang'an]
                   •  Chinese style capital (Nara Horyu-Ji Temple)
                   •  Chinese ruler (tenno)
                   •  demise of female (matriarchal) rulers
         C. Buddhism in Japan [map]
                   • Shinto
                   • Buddhism and Literacy
                           - kanji (Chinese); hiragana (onna-de); katakana [chart]

III.   Heian Japan (794-1185)

         A. Rise of Heian Society
                   •  Heian-Kyo (Kyoto):  City of Peace and Tranquility   [map]
                   •  () + () = HEI - AN
                   •  "Sinification"?

         B. Heian Culture
                   •  Eiga
                   •  mono no aware
                   •  Clothing [layering]

                   •  Japanese Bronze Mirror
                   •  Literary works
                             -Tale of Genji (Lady Murasaki)
                             - Pillow Book (Lady Sei Shonagon)
                             - As I Crossed the Bridge of Dreams (Lady Sarashina)

         C. Heian Court Life
                 •Courtlife for women in Heian Japan
                 • Sake, love, music and poetry
                 • Love and relationships
                 • Keeping Order
                 • 5-step Lesson to Dating in Heian Japan

IV.  Conclusions
         A. Decline of the Heian World?
         B. Global Significance