HIST10 - World Civ to 1500
Lect. # 11

Byzantium & Saving the Roman Empire

     Hagia Sopia
     Corpus Juris Civilis

I. Rise of Roman Empire
          A.  Pompey
                 1. imperium
                 2. First Triumvirate
                          - Pompey
                          - Crassus
                          - Julius Caesar (100 - 44 BCE)
                                   Crossing the Rubicon (49 BCE)

          B. Octavian
                   1. Second Triumvirate
                         Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius)

                   2. Rise of Octavian (Augustus)
                         a.  Golden Age of Augustus
                             Army & Defense
                             Religion and Mortality

II.Rise of the Eastern Roman Empire: Byzantium
          A. "Good Emperors" (96 - 180 CE)
                    Death of Augustus (14 CE)
                    Marcus Aurelius (r.161-180 CE)
                    "Barracks Emperors" 
          B. Diocletian (r. 284-305) [map travel time]
                    Tetrarchy:  augustus/ceasar
                    • 305 - Death
          C. Constantine the Great (312-337)
                    312 - Battle of Milvian Bridge
                         - Chi Ro
                    Constantius's son = Constantine
                    Maximian's son =Maxentius
                    • 324 - Last rival defeated in Byzantium
          D. Constantinople - the "New Rome" [Historical View]
                         - trade
                         - defendable
                         - Christian demographics
                   New Rome?
                         - May 11, 330
                         - Greek and Hellenistic influences

                    • 476 Rome falls (emperor Romulus Augustus flees)

III. Justinian (527-565) and Theodora
          A. Keeping Up Appearances
                    Germanic invasions (Ostrogoths/Vandals)
                    Role of Christianity
          B. Justinian's Rule
                    Reunite Empire
                         - Belisarius [map]
                    Legal Reforms
                           - jus vetus (old law)
                           - jus novum (new law)
                     Corpus Juris Civilis
                           - Codex Justinianus
                           - Digest
                           - Institutes
                    Golden Age of Art, Literature, and Architecture [Byzantine Art]
                           - Hagia Sophia [Aya Sofia]
          C. Theodora
                    Procopius' The Secret History

IV.  Conclusions
                    Justinian's legacy

                    Re-Defining The Roman Empire
                    •Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy