Asssistant Professor of Chemistry

Eberly College of Science

Penn State University

Wilkes-Barre Campus







Home Address:              89 East Bennett St., Kingston, PA 18704

Office Address:             Penn State/Wilkes-Barre, P.O. Box PSU, Lehman, PA 18627

Home Telephone:          570-287-6091

Office Telephone:         570-675-9267

Email Address:              dcs10@psu.edu

Fax Number:                 570-674-9072

Date of Birth:                July 31, 1952

Citizenship:                   USA







1. Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Purdue University, 1981

2. B.S., Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 1974


Continuing Education/Professional Development

1. American Chemical Society Short Courses

        a. “Chemical Engineering Fundamentals”, New York City, 1991

        b. “Supercritical Fluid Technology”, New York City, 1990

        c. “Frontiers in Organic Chemistry”, Stanford University, 1989

2. Chatauqua Society - NSF Funded Workshops

        a. “Promoting Active Learning in General Chemistry”, Rensselaer Polytechnic, 2002

b.     “Chemistry for Nonscience Majors”, University of Pittsburgh, 1999

    c. “Pharmaceutical and Industrial Organic Chemistry”, Temple University, 1997

        d. “FTIR Instrumentation Summer Institute”, University of Dayton, 1996

        e. “Polymer Chemistry in the Undergraduate Curriculum”, Christian Brothers University, 1995

3. American Chemical Society Satellite TV Seminars

        a. “Essentials of Organic Chemistry: An Update on the State of the Art”, King’s College, 1997

4. Penn State University Courses

        a. “Active Learning Methods in the Classroom”, Engineering Instructional Services




Penn State University/Wilkes-Barre Campus

1. Rank: Asssistant Professor of Chemistry

2. Date of Tenure: 1987

3. Location of Tenure: Department of Chemistry, Eberly College of Science


Courses Taught

1. Credit Courses

        a. CHEM 034 - one semester organic chemistry lecture

        b. CHEM 038 - first semester, organic chemistry lecture sequence

        c. CHEM 039 - second semester, organic chemistry lecture sequence with biomolecules section

        d. CHEM 040 - second semester, organic chemistry lecture sequence without biomolecules

        e. CHEM 036 - organic chemistry laboratory

        f. CHEM 011 - one semester general chemistry with laboratory

        g. CHEM 012 - first semester,  freshman general chemistry lecture

        h. CHEM 013 - second semester, freshman general chemistry lecture

        i. CHEM 014 - first semester freshman general chemistry laboratory

        j. CHEM 001 - one semester general chemistry without laboratory for nonmajors

    k. EMSC 150 – “Out of the Fiery Furnance  Materials, Energy, and Society

l.  STS 100 - lectures on chemistry and science fiction for multidisciplinary humanities course

        m. ESACT 183 - introductory karate for Department of Exercise and Sport Science






1. Hayfield Award for Innovative Service, 1991

2. Penn Stater of the Quarter, 2001



1. Northeast Martial Arts, Instructor of the Year, 2003





1. New synthetic reactions of organosilanes



1. “Conversion of Alcohols to Alkyl Chlorides by TMSCl and DMSO”, D.C. Snyder, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 60, 2638-2639 (1995).

2. “Simple Soda Bottle Solubility & Equilibria”, C.A. Snyder and D.C. Snyder, Journal of Chemical Education, 69(7), 573 (1992)

3. “Reductive Cleavage of a Trichlorosily Group by Amine Hydrochlorides and Base”, D.C. Snyder, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 320, 163-170 (1987).

4. “The Reaction of Trichlorosilane with Enamines”, D.C. Snyder, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 301, 137-144 (1986).

5. “Mechanism of the Reaction between Benzylmagnesium Chloride and Carbonyl Compounds. A Detailed Study with Formaldehyde”, R.A. Benkeser and D.C. Snyder, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 47, 1243-1249 (1982).

6. “Trichlorosilane - Imine Complexes. A New Method for the Reduction of Imines to Amines”, R.A. Benkeser and D.C. Snyder, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 225, 107-115 (1982).




1. Phi Lambda Upsilon

2. Sigma Xi Research Society

3. American Chemical Society; Susquehanna Valley Section, Middle Atlantic Region





1. Martial Arts

    a. rank – Sam Dan (3’rd Degree Black Belt)

    b. style - Korean (Tang Soo Do/ Tae Kwon Do)

    c. affiliation – World Tang Soo Do Association, Grandmaster J.C. Shin

    d. instructor status – Certified Instructor, WTSDA #020406

    e. years experience – 29

2. Motorcyling (2003 Model Year, 650cc Yamaha, V-Star Classic)

3. Reading

    a. science fiction

    b. military history

    c. world & ancient history

4. Collecting

    a. 1930s, 1940s, 1950s hard-bound science fiction novels

    b. WWI – WWII era military pistols

5. Day Hiking (National Parks)

    a. Western USA - Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier, Rocky Mtn., Arches, Canyonland, Zion, Bryce Canyon,

        Denali, Badlands, Black Hills, Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Meteor Crater

    b. Eastern USAAcadia, Gettysburg, Antietam, Kittyhawk