Exploring Directions in Ubiquitous Computing and Teacher Education
The EDUCATE at Penn State initiative is a partnership with Apple Computer in which 60 interns in the Elementary Professional Development School (PDS) program received fully loaded 14” iBook computers during their internship year in schools. Although we are still early in the process, it is already apparent that the laptop initiative is changing the way faculty and interns teach and learn.
EDUCATE at Penn State
Pilot Year: 2005-06
Program: Elementary Professional Development School Partnership
Project Activities
Getting Started
August 2005
Teaching with Technology
Spring 2006
Educationally Sound Podcasts
Special Thanks To...
  1. 1.Kyle Peck, Associate Dean of Technology, Outreach and International Programs
  2. 2.The staff of ETC, especially Dave Cochrane, Mike Shadow & Rusty Meyers
  3. 3.Our partners at Apple, especially Tom Morton, Lester Ray & Brett Gross
  4. 4.State College Area School District
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