The weekly report and the final paper are a vital part of the practicum learning experience and should be given time and careful preparation. It provides the writer the opportunity to communicate each week's accomplishments to the faculty coordinator, since this person will not be able to make on-site visits. It also provides the student an opportunity to evaluate the progress being made toward attaining his/her practicum goals.

Guidelines and Regulations for Weekly Reports. Use the recommended format (on back) for all reports.

1. A report must be submitted to the faculty coordinator at Penn State at the end of each 40 hours (approximate).

2. The report must have the signature of the on-site supervisor, to indicate they have read it and attest to its accuracy. The on-site supervisor is encouraged to make comments regarding your progress.

3. Summarize all weekly activities from the complete accounting in the daily journal. Account for the number of hours spent in each activity according to the method recommended in the attached format.

4. Discuss the progress, or lack thereof, toward attaining practicum objectives. This is an opportunity to make a realistic evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, and what you have learned about yourself and the work you are performing.

5. Set goals for the coming week based on: (a) identified weaknesses and (b) new responsibilities.

6. Keep a copy of each weekly report.

7. Do not hold all weekly reports until the end and then submit them. If you do this, it will lower your grade at least one full grade.

Guidelines and Regulations for the Final Report. The final report should be written in the same format you would use for a term paper for any course. The content will be based on the activities reported in the daily journal and the self-evaluations in your weekly reports. Your special project should be reported on in an appendix to the final report. The last section is a summary of your paper and an evaluation of the practicum experience.

Recommended Format.

1. Introduction

Brief explanation of the internship setting and your responsibilities.

2. Main Section

A. Detailed account of: your objectives; how you met these objectives; if you did not meet them, why.

B. Description of skills/knowledges learned as an intern that were not anticipated.

3. Summary and Evaluation

A. Summary of pertinent points in the report.

B. Evaluation of the following: the placement site; suitability of site for future student placement; KINES 495B policies and procedures (changes you would recommend for the benefit of future students).

4. Appendix

A. Explain your special project. It will involve one or more of the following:

1. the program in which you are working

2. the facility or equipment

3. the clients or patrons attending

4. your fellow workers

The weekly reports and the final paper are important. Be sure that they are well written and without errors in grammar or spelling.