KINES 495B Senior Internship


The senior internship in movement science is a very valuable experience for students in this option and in the curriculum. It provides the opportunity for students to enter the work world to use their skills and knowledges in a supervised environment. It is during the internship that the integration of the course of study and the application of skills and knowledge takes place. Therefore, it should be structured to be as realistic as is possible and should include as many hands on experiences as is practical. Ideally, the student should follow the same schedule as their on site supervisor.

Pre Internship Procedures. All arrangements must be completed one semester prior to the start of the internship. It is the responsibility of the student to make the initial contact with the agency or organization to inquire about the possibility of being accepted as an intern. If the organization is willing to accept the student, the campus faculty coordinator will then finalize the arrangements by corresponding with the on-site supervisor. This correspondence will include the following: (1) general information about the internship, (2) a letter of agreement to be signed by the organization's on-site supervisor, and (3) an evaluation form to be completed by the supervisor at the completion of the practicum.

The student is responsible for arranging an interview if distance permits. If this is not possible, the student must contact the organization by phone to discuss with the on-site supervisor the expectations of the organization and the conditions of the internship.

It is important that the organization understand that they are under no obligation to accept a student or keep them on if serious problems arise during the time contracted for. Also, the student will have no obligation to complete the practicum if the situation is not a positive learning experience. It is expected that the student will assume the responsibility for his/her personal needs.

No other employment or assignment may be accepted by the student during the internship unless prior approval is received from the on-site supervisor and the University coordinator. All of the student's attention and energy should be directed to the responsibilities of the internship to gain the maximum benefits from the experience.

Conditions to be Met As Part of the Practicum. The adviser will keep in touch with the student and the on-site supervisor with phone calls and/or correspondence as needed.

The student will:

1. Keep a journal of daily activities, which should also include a self-evaluation of their performance.

2. Summarize their activities and self-evaluations at the end of every week (Weekly Report Format), discuss this report with the on-site supervisor, and then mail it to the University coordinator. The on-site supervisor should at least sign the report to indicate they have read it.

3. Write a final paper which is to be submitted to the University coordinator the last week of the practicum. This report should explain how the objectives established by the student and the organization were met. If some of the objectives were not met, the student should explain why. A separate section of the paper should report on the Special Project accomplished during the practicum. This report will be graded by the University coordinator and used in the final grade determination.

4. Fulfill all responsibilities to the best of their ability. Absences for personal reasons are not permitted except in an emergency. Permission must be received from the on-site supervisor and the University coordinator. The student is expected to follow the organization's established policy for absences due to illness.

All questions concerning the conditions of the practicum should be directed to Clarence Stoner, the Kinesiology Internship Coordinator, 270 Recreation Building, University Park, PA 16802 (814) 863-7366.

The on-site supervisor is asked to evaluate the student on their performance and to write a brief statement describing their strengths and weaknesses by filling out the Evaluation Form provided. This report should be returned to the University adviser the last week of the student's practicum. The date to be returned is indicated on the Evaluation Form. This evaluation will be heavily weighed in determining the final grade for the course.