___ 1. Pick up internship packets from Undergraduate Program Office (270 Recreation Building). Note timetable for your semester.

___ 2. Attend announced informational meeting at least one full semester prior to starting date for internship.

___ 3. Have cover letter and resume approved by Mr. Stoner, use 495B In/Out boxes to facilitate communication.

___ 4. Contact potential sites through cover letter and resume if you are using this method to secure your internship.

___ 5. If reply deadline referred to in cover letter has passed without a reply, recontact (via telephone) sites that still interest you.

___ 6. Make final site selection. If a contract other than the sample agreement in your packet is necessary, see Mr. Stoner before choosing your site.

___ 7. Fill out application form and turn it in to Mr. Stoner. Copy objectives for your later use in final report.

___ 8. Register for KINES 495B (6-12 credits).

___ 9. Obtain liability insurance. Information is in your packet.

___ 10. Attend pre-practicum meeting (see timetable) if you are changing sites, new in this major, are confused, or if you have questions or need a review.

___ 11. Contact on-site supervisor one week prior to starting date in order to check on first day schedule and procedures.

___ 12. Keep a daily log. You will need this info for your weekly reports.

___ 13. Send typewritten weekly reports regularly on a 40 hour (approximate) basis. Do not necessarily base it on a calendar week.

___ 14. Complete 40 hours/credit.

___ 15. Complete a special project (meaningful, unassigned task) and include a report of it as an appendix to the final report.

___ 16. Turn in final report. We want a candid evaluation of your site, so your site supervisor does not sign your final report.

___ 17. Make sure that the on-site supervisor has mailed or faxed in the final evaluation form in time to meet University deadlines for the semester.