Fall 2001

French 440 / French 581: Teaching of Romance Languages
This course is designed to foster an informed professional outlook on the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It will include both theoretical and practical components. The course will provide language educators with access to professional resources for teaching, and a vocabulary for participation in informed conversations about teaching and learning.

Spring 2001

French 597A: Introduction to Qualitative Research on Foreign and Second Language Learning
This graduate seminar focuses on qualitative research method in applied linguistics, with an emphasis on the study of foreign and second language learning. The goals of the course are: 1) to acquaint students with the range of qualitative methods practiced in contemporary language learning research through critical reading; 2) to offer hand-on practice in data gathering and analysis; and 3) to explore theoretical and ethical issues in qualitative research.

Fall 2000

French 201: Experimental Telecollaborative Section
Under the auspices of the Penn State Telecollaboration Project funded by a grant from the U.S. department of Education, this undergraduate conversation course incorporated telecollaboration with an English class at a "Grande Ecole" in France, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications de Bretagne. Students in both classes were engaged in parallel analytic tasks, such as critical writing on Hollywood remakes of French films, comparisons of children’s literature, and portrayals of local campus life. The Penn State students and the ENST students created webpages, corresponded with French keypals via electronic mail, engaged in whole-class threaded discussion, and participated in a real-time videoconference.

Spring 2000

French 597D: Special Topics in Second Language Acquisition/ Environments for Language Learning
This graduate seminar focuses on ecological and constructivist metaphors for language learning, with an emphasis on critical review of data-driven studies in a variety of environments (classrooms, site-independent learning, study abroad, heritage programs, and language learning by immigrants).

Fall 1999

French 402W: Composition et grammaire avancée

French 440 / French 581: Teaching of Romance Languages