M.Sc. Thesis Students in Our Research Programs

Nicholas Herwig Master of Science Candidate (continuing)

Inlet Lip Separation Avoidance in Ducted Fan Based VTOL UAV's

Stanley Kocon Master of Engineering Candidate (continuing)

Viscous Flow Predictions in Hydraulic Turbomachinery

Jason Town Master of Science/Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

HP Turbine Aerodynamic Improvements

ILker Oruc Master of Science/Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

VTOL/UAV Propulsion System Improvements

ILker Topcuoglu Master of Science/Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

HP Turbine Aerodynamic Improvements

Ozgur Gokce May 2009 M.Sc.

A 3D Computational Analysis of Horseshoe Vortex System

William Humber Dec. 2008 M.Eng.

Sergio Amaral Dec. 2007 M.Sc.

HP Turbine Cooling Channel Optimization

Harika Senem Kahveci Aug. 2003 M.Sc.

Implementation of A Stereoscopic PIV in Rotating Machinery Including Helicopter Rotor Flows

Keiji Tajiri Aug. 2003 M.Sc.

Implementation of a Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (3D PIV) at the Exit of an Axial Flow Turbine Rotor

Tomoyuki Tamura Aug. 2002 M.Sc.

Turbine Blade Tip Heat Transfer from Full Squealer and Partial Squealer Tip Configurations

J.P. Olynick Dec. 2000 M.Eng.

Tip De-sensitization in Axial Flow Turbines

Ganesh Iyer Aug. 1997 M.Eng.

Internal Cooling System Optimization of a Trailing Edge Cooling System

Todd Klaput Dec. 1996 M.Sc.

Control of Near Wall Flow on an Isolated Airfoil at High Angle of Attack Using Piezoelectric Surface Vibration Elements

Martin Mauldin Aug. 1996 M.Sc.

Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Crystal Substrates Used in Transient Experiments

Arnaud Bourel Aug. 1994 M.Sc.

Implementation of Modified Garabedian and McFadden Technique for Turbine Airfoil Design Improvements

Dean Rizzo Dec. 1994 M.Sc.

Modification of Endwall Heat Transfer on a Turbine Endwall Using Boundary Layer Fences

Christopher McLean May 1992 M.Sc.

Development of a Miniature Laser Doppler Velocimeter Based on a Solid State Laser

Ronald Drost Oct. 1989 M.Sc.

An Aerothermal Investigation of Secondary Flows in a 90 degree Turning Duct