Doctoral Candidates Who Participated in Our Research Programs

Jason Town Master of Science/Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

HP Turbine Aerodynamic Improvements

Ozhan Turgut Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

Non-axisymmetric NGV Endwall Contouring in Axial Flow Turbines

Ozgur Gokce Doctoral Candidate (continuing)

Unsteady Flows in Internal Cooling Passages

Dr.Ali Akturk Post-doctoral Fellow PSU

Influence of Tip Clearance in Ducted Fans used in VTOL UAV Systems (VLRCOE)

Dr.Bong Gun Shin Samsung Research Center, S. Korea

Sand Erosion Protection of Helicopter Blade Tips (VLRCOE)

Dr.Akamol Shavalikul Air Force Academy, Thailand

Turbulent Flow Computations of an Axial Flow Turbine including the Rotating Frame of Reference

Dr.Baris Gumusel TUSAS/TEI, Turkey

Casing heat Transfer in Axial Flow Turbines

Dr. Nikhil Rao (Ebara-Elliot Inc., Pittsburgh)

Dr. Debashis Dey (GE Corporate Research and Development Center, Schenectady, NY)

Dr. Oguz Uzol (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey/Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland)

Dr. Christopher McLean (Techkor-ACT Inc. Harrisburg, PA)

Eric Donahoo (Siemens Energy, Orlando, FL)

Dr. Ganesh Iyer (Caterpillar Technical Center, Peoria, Illinois)

Dr. Frank Herr (Delphi Automotive, Michigan)

Dr. Brian Wiedner (Audubon Engineering, Texas)

Dr. Kuisoon Kim (Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea)