Current Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellows

Participating in our Research Laboratory

Prof.Dr. Levent Kavurmacioglu Visiting faculty, from Istanbul Technical University

Turbomachinery Optimization via 3D Methods

Dr. Cahit Gurlek Visiting scholar, from Cumhuriyet University, Sivas , Turkey

3D Particle Image Velocimetry (SPIV) Measurements in a Ducted Rotor Exit Field

Giulia Meazzini Visiting scholar/intern, from University of Florence, Italy

Influence of Total Pressure Gradient on sub-miniature Five-Hole Probes

Andrea Bandini Visiting scholar/intern, from University of Florence, Italy

An Investigation of a Kiel Probe in a Strong Total Pressure Gradient Field

Dr. Zoran Markov Visiting scholar, Fulbright Scholar from Macedonia

Three Dimensional mean Flow Measurements behind Ducted Fan Rotors

Dr. Ali Akturk Post-Doctoral Fellow

Influence of Tip Clearance in Ducted Fans used in VTOL UAV Systems (VLRCOE)

Ozhan Turgut Doctoral Candidate

Non-axisymmetric NGV Endwall Contouring in Axial Flow Turbines

Ozgur Gokce Doctoral Candidate

Unsteady Flows in Internal Cooling Passages

Jason Town Master of Science/Doctoral Candidate

HP Turbine Aerodynamic Improvements

Nicholas Herwig Master of Science Candidate

Inlet Lip Separation Avoidance in Ducted Fan Based VTOL UAV's

Ilker Oruc Master of Science Candidate

VTOL/UAV Propulsion System Improvements

Ilker Topcuoglu Master of Science Candidate

High Speed Turbine Cascade Design Studies