Undergraduate Thesis Students in Our Research Programs

Stanley Kocon B.S. May 1987

Computer Aided Design of Turbine Blade Profiles Using Deich Method

Eric Myers B.S. May 1987

Calibration of V-shaped Shear Stress Sensors for Wall Shear Stress Measurements

Rakesh Rathod B.S. (Honors Thesis) May 1988

A Transient Heat Transfer Measurement System

Ashley Evans B.S. (Honors Thesis) June 1988

An Investigation of Pressure Fluctuations in the Wake Region of an Axial Flow Compressor Rotor Blade

Dana Gottfried B.S. (Honors Thesis) Dec. 1989

An Analysis of Two Turbulence Closure Models

Eric Conaway B.S. (Honors Thesis) May 1998

An Investigation of Secondary and Tip Leakage Flow in the Endwall Region of an Axial Turbine

Nicholas Herwig B.S. (Honors Thesis) Dec 2010

A Computational Assesment of Various Lip Separation Avoidance in Ducted Fans used in VTOL UAV Systems