Syllabus, Spring 2001

English 202D.9

Instructor: Christine McMullin

  Note: Since the Collaborative Presentation is designed to fit in the context of the classes, students may present these at any time.  I will discuss when these presentations will be after I find out which topics generate interest.  Tentative dates are indicated.  This syllabus is subject to change at any time.


1/8: Intro to the Course, Brief Overview of Assignments, What is Business Writing?, Noise in Writing

1/10: Communication Model, Where to look for ideas for Proposal, The Golden Road of Glory—the Proposal to the Feasibility Report, Audience and Purpose, Assignment: “Remembering Memo”

1/15: Collect Memo, Information Gathering techniques, Letter Format, Overview of Proposal parts.

1/16: Last day of Drop/Add period

1/17: Your fabled instructor returns from Japan, Generating Problem Statements

1/22: The other Proposal Parts, the Saga continues: Intro and Conclusion, Research Plan, Schedule, Qualifications section, Assignment: Come on Thursday with one idea for a proposal so we can workshop a few examples in class.

1/24: Practice run, Assignment: Print out and bring with you to the peer review session the Rough Draft Questions on the Assignment #1 web page.

1/29: Peer Review, Documenting Sources, Decision for Project #2 topic due today.

1/31: Proposal Due.  Overview of the Job Application Packet, The Job Search Process, The Importance of the Position Announcement.

2/5: Finding what you want in the workforce, Identifying transferable skills, Researching Companies, company research presentation date, The Introduction to your introduction: the Cover Letter, Assignment: Company Criteria Assessment.

2/7: Cover Letters continued, The “Cover Letter Cheat Sheet” is a great guide

2/12: Cover Letter Wrap-up, Resume Formats

2/14: Little Improvements can go a Long Way: More Resume Tips.

2/19: Resumes Old and New: On-line Resume Services, presentation day for on-line resumes.

2/21: Interviewing Old and New, presentation day for non-standard interviewing techniques, Interview Q & A, Assignment: Print out and bring Rough Draft Questions to class on Tuesday.

2/26: Continue Interview Q & A, Peer Review.

2/28: Job Application Packet Due.  Progress Report Overview, Feasibility Report Superstructure, possible presentation day.



3/12: Progress Report Parts, fitting Audience to Purpose, Assignment: Print out Memos for Ethics Presentation

3/14: Ethics Overview, a look at Ethics in Business Communication, Assignment: Print out and bring Rough Draft Questions to class on Thursday.

3/19: Ethics Wrap-up, Peer Review, possible ethics presentation day.

3/21: Progress Report due.  BLP overview, Group Business Formation. 

3/26: Types of Different Business Correspondence

3/28: Business Correspondence continued, Meeting of the Minds, Assignment: Print out and bring the Rough Draft Questions to class on Tuesday

4/2: Peer Review, possible presentation day (or two).

4/4: Business Letter Packet Due. Feasibility Overview. 

4/9: Letter of Transmittal, Exec Sum, Methodology, Potential Solutions,

4/11: Criteria (Quantification), Evaluation section, Front and End Matter

4/16: Examples, Workshop on Possible Solutions, possible presentation day.

4/18: Feasibility Wrap-up

4/23: Fudge Factor

4/25: NO CLASS—Office Conferences

4/26: Final Feasibility Report Due in my Mailbox at 5pm (Your Grade Drops by One Letter PER DAY for a late report!!!!!!!!!!!) Last Day of Classes