English 202D

Document Review 5: Job Application Packet




1.       Does the writer include all the components of the packet: Memo (2 Audience Analyses, 2 Job Descriptions, and rhetorical analysis of the thought processes gone into when writing both resumes and cover letters), 2 Resumes, 2 Cover Letters?

2.       Does the Memo have clear and effective purpose and preview statement?  Does it tell the reader everything she will need to know to judge whether the writer has been conscientious about choices made for the resumes and cover letters?

3.       Does the Audience Analyses detail the wheres, whens, hows (big and many), and whys of the company?  Does it also tell what kind of people work there and will be reviewing the resumes and cover letters?  Does the document speak of an author that has done his or her homework?  

4.       Does the Job Description detail what kinds of skills, experience, expertise, etc will be needed to properly perform the job?  Is there enough information to give the reader a clear sense of what the applicant will be expected to do?  Again, does the author sound credible? 

5.       Does the Rhetorical Analysis give the target audience a clear and definitive sense of what the author has done and why in both the cover letters and the resumes?  Did the author over or under explain why he or she took the steps he or she did?  Is there enough of a difference to justify two separate resumes and cover letters or are the changes too slight? (Remember, too similar resumes/cover letters is like only completing half the assignment and, therefore, will result in a lower grade.)

6.      Do the Cover Letters adhere to the steps presented in the cover letter cheat sheet?  Do they have a clear reader centered purpose statement?  Do they give current status, company name,  contact name, and location of the position announcement in the first part of the letter?  Does the last sentence of the first paragraph present the skills that will be supported throughout the rest of the letter?  Are those skills adequately supported by experience through the letter?  Can you see other elements of the resume to stress those specific skills which the author did not use?  Does the author tie each skill back to the company and how that skill will help them grow and be more successful?  Is the conclusion polite and semi-formal, ending on a note of confidence and goodwill?

7.      Do the Resumes present information that make the author sound professional, credible, and qualified?  Is the information presented in an effective order?  Is the format chosen the right one for the task at hand?  Is there enough/too much information?  Is each bullet parallel (starting with the same word in the same tense {verb, noun, etc.})?  Is everything worded in a way that maintains a professional demeanor?



  1. Is the memo in memo format?  (Remember this means no signing)
  2. Are the resumes and cover letters organized clearly?  Are they attractive and professional in their presentation?
  3. Are the resumes and cover letters free or all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors?
  4. Does the writer employ active voice, except where appropriate to use passive?
  5. If the resume is to be scanned, is it in the proper format?
  6. Is tone appropriate for the cover letter?
  7. Are sentences and paragraphs coherent?  Do they use appropriate transitions?
  8. Is the letter reader centered, considering both the immediate audience of the prospective employer, as well as the company as a whole?

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