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  • One or two concise, easy-to-read statements focusing on the type of  position  you are seeking, the skills you want to utilize, and/or the tasks in which you want to become involved.


  • Avoid cliches or jargon, such as,  to contribute to the    profitability of an employer" or "A challenging position offering opportunity for growth and advancement”


  • List degrees in reverse chronological order-most recent first. Keep the information concise and easy to scan.


  • You may want to include details relevant to the job you arc seeking, such as courses, special projects, a minor or area of emphasis, etc.


  • You can list Education Abroad experiences here as well.


  • Reverse chronological order is what readers expect but if you have a mixture of experiences, you can break this into two major categories, such as RELATED EXPERIENCE and OTHER EXPERIENCE. This allows you to put the most relevant items together and move older, relevant items to the beginning.


  • Give details of your accomplishments and responsibilities rather than a general list of duties. Numbers make strong statements and can enhance credibility; these numbers can show volume, percentages, dollar amounts, etc. Include information and skills that relate to the position you are seeking.


  • Consolidate information wherever possible--avoid repetition and eliminate excessive details in describing experiences.


  • Do not be discouraged if you have never had employment in your field. Instead. focus on your strengths, skills, and accomplishments.


  • Make the format scannable and put relevant action verbs first. Use bulleted state- instead of paragraphs.


  • List the most relevant activities and offices held first. Include college, community, professional, and occasionally, outstanding high school activities.


  • You can add brief explanatory details of the position and your accomplishments


  • This section can add individuality and flavor to your resume, so you may want to include unusual or interesting items.


  • Optional; include only if you have several honors.  If you have only one or two honors, you can include them in a combined  ACTIVITIES/HONORS  section..




  • You may want to consider a special skills section to highlight skills you have on specific computer hardware or software, foreign languages, or machinery required for performance on the job. You could also group CERTIFICATIONS in this category.


  • Most organizations will not expect references on your resume. But, you may want to  prepare a list of references on a separate page formatted match your resume for  use when employers request references. 


  • Usually, three to five references is appropriate. Consider individuals familiar with your academic achievements, leadership and teamwork skills, and/or your work  habits. 
  • Include the reference's name, title, organization. mailing address, phone number, and  e-mail (if applicable). 
  • You should always seek prior approval from individuals you plan to list as references.