The Job Application Packet


Format: Assignment #5 is a multi-formatted assignment, including a memo to me, two cover letters, and two resumes.  As such, you will be writing to at least three different audiences and you must be careful with your tone and show that you have an audience centered approach in each case.  I cannot stress enough that the two companies that you decide to apply to must be significantly different.  And we're not talking about two different big six accounting firms, I mean things that will make you emphasize different parts of your experience.  If your resumes/cover letters are too similar, I will be forced to lower your grade.  

The Memo: This part of your assignment is to me and written in memo format.  The memo simply explains the background info that you would know going into the resume crafting process, but I wouldn't necessarily know.  It also tells me why you made certain choices in your resumes and cover letters and basically breaks into three parts:



Cover Letters: There will be two of these, one for each company to which you apply.  Just like a personal letter, cover letters are more effective when tailored for the particular company--and even individual--you are applying to.  The purpose of these letters is to get you the interview, so treat the employer like a person, not a statistic.  All this should suggest that a form cover letter simply will not do anymore.  While you can keep one on file, you should tweak for each new employer (See cover letter cheat sheet).  Your style should be formal, yet make you stand out.  Talk directly, yet naturally, to your prospective employer.  Avoid hype.


Resumes: The resume does not get you the job, but it sure can help.  Your resume should include contact info and relevant details of your educations training, professional training, special accomplishments, organizations/clubs you belong(ed) to, and skills.  A resume is not a life history.  The goal is to argue that you are qualified for a particular type of job and that you would e a capable, responsible employee who communicates effectively.  Format is up to you, depending on what you want to show about yourself to each prospective employer.  We will be looking at several formats in class.  Please use parallel construction.  (See Resume suggestion sheet)


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