Appendix A: Outline for Feasibility Report


I.            Introduction


a.            Problem Statement


1.The lack of assistance provided by Johnson & Johnson in helping interns locate adequate housing for their short-term job assignments has generally caused dissatisfaction among participants.


2. The importance of considering different solutions for this problem.


II.         Criteria for Evaluation


a.            Cost of Housing Options


1. Rent expense costs for interns must remain at a reasonable level below their monthly wage rate wh~e on their assignment.


2. Any costs incurred by Johnson & Johnson in establishing some form of a housing program should create definitive value or rewards for the company in some way.


b.            Time Involved to Coordinate


1. Amount of time required of students in locating housing for their internship assignments. This includes research, travel, etc.


2. Amount of time required of company employees in assisting students with housing arrangements.


c.            External Benefits For the Parties Involved


1. May include improved views toward company.. better intern to employee relations. increased satisfaction with living situations, etc. (Additional add-ins from each alternative.)


a. Company pays interns a general moving expense and provides interns with information on apartments in the area as requested.


b. Company brings interns together at areas of work and shows possible housing options, in addition to paying a general moving expense.


c. Company assembles a group of employees to handle 'intern relations.' This includes finding adequate housing for interns through a corporate lease. The residence is simply passed from prior to future interns as necessary. Can bring interns together at work site if desired.



IV.            Evaluation of Potential Solutions and Results


a.            Moving Expense Checks and Providing Apartment Information

1.Cost- Relatively small for the company. Creates potential high rent situations for interns who are unfamiliar with area or simply don't have time to perform an extensive apartment search. Also, interns will only be able to use a portion of expense given due to taxes.

 2. Time Involvement- Relatively small for the company. Students could have to take significant time though finding adequate housing.

 3.External Benefits- For company it is a quick and easy way of dealing with this issue. Not many benefits for interns though.


b.            Bringing Interns Together at Work Site

 1. Cost- Company incurs lodging and food costs for interns for one weekend. Also, will have to pay participating employees for their time. There is essentially no cost for the interns.

 2. Time Involvement- Both students and company employees will have to give up one weekend of their time.

 3. External Benefits- Provides chance for interns to know each other before making living arrangements together. Allows for intern and employee interaction and familiarizes interns with the area.

                             c.         Company Purchases Apartment Through Corporate Lease

1.Cost- Highest cost among the options for the company, but tax breaks do exist. Probably provides interns the highest amount of security against being "ripped off" because company can get a reduced rate for the large volume of business.

 2. Time Involvement- Large initial time commitment for company, but once arrangements are established things should run smoothly. Very little time involvement required by interns.

 3. External Benefits- Interns respect company's responsibility to its employees, increased satisfaction with living arrangements, more manageable rent expenses, no worry among interns about carry­over periods for leases, company's internships become more attractive among college students.



V.            Recommendations


a.  I will recommend that Johnson & Johnson purchases an apartment for interns through a corporate lease.


VI.            Reader-Centered Conclusion


a. Summary of report's findings and recommendations

b. Reiterate benefits of my recommendations