Appendix B: Nittany Valley ACME Member Survey Spring 2000

1.  Which of the following BEST represents the position that you currently hold?

   4 Executive - Vice president or higher, or officer of the company

3 Manager - Manages large projects or permanent groups or persons

2 Supervisor - Directs or department head

1 Entry / 1st level - Manages self or occasional small groups or teams

7 Other: Please explain:  Consultant; Core Team Developer; Instructor; Staff



2.  Which of the following BEST describes your functional area of responsibility?


6 Training and Development

2 Human Resources Management

0   Line Management

0   Marketing

8     Finance/ Accounting

o  Purchasing

0  Quality Control! Assurance

7 Education

3 Other: Executive management; Director of Services; Generalist


3.  What type of Industry do you represent?


5    Manufacturing

1    Transportation/ Communications! Utilities

0 Wholesale/ Retail Trade

1 Finance/ Insurance/ Banking

3 Business Services

3 Health Services

3 Educational Services

3 Public Administration

3 Other: Vocational Education; Funeral Services; Technology/Software


4.  Have you ever attended an ACME Chapter meetingl program?


11 YES: If Yes, What feedback can you provide?

Likes to attend for the networking; the programs are very well organized; They were well done; Very upbeat business meeting; Good program; Low attendance; I haven't attended in 8-9 years.


4 NO:  If No, Are you interested in attending? Why/Why not?

Not recently, out of town a lot; new member.


5.  When do you feel is the best time to have ACME Chapter meetings and/or programs?


6 Breakfast (between 7:00am and 9:00am)

4 Lunch  (between 11:00am and 1:00pm)

4 After work (between 5:00pm and 7:00pm)

3 Evening (between 7:00pm and 9:00pm)

1 Other: __Alternate_________________________

6. What general type of Programs would you like to see presented at the ACME chapter meetings?


5 Technology! computer

7  Management development

0  Technical development

3 Supervisory skills

8 Communication skills

7  New methods! procedures for training

1  Executive development

6  Customer relations! service

10 New trends in training

6  Personal growth

1  Employee! Labor relations

0  Sales


7.  What specific types of program topics would you be interested in attending?


7 New employee orientation

0 Personal computing

4 Leadership

1 Hiring! selection process

1 New Equipment training

3 Delegation skills

5 Goal-setting

4 Decision-making

2 Quality improvement

6 Problem solving

0    Presentations

3 Motivation

6 Needs Assessment

1 Writing skills

4 Diversity

3 Creativity

1 Marketing

1 Substance Abuse

1 Retirement

0    Reengineering

0   Others: Please List,

4    Performance appraisals

8    Team-building

1    Sexual harassment

6    Train-the-trainer

1    Safety

3    Conducting meetings

4    Listening skills

6    Managing change

4    Time management

5    Public Speaking

3    Information Technology

7    Stress Management

2    Planning

6    Strategic Planning

1    Negotiation Skills

1    Ethics

0    Purchasing

0    Outplacement

1    Smoking cessation

0    Foreign Language

8.  What is your preferred method for Program delivery?


8 Panel discussion

9 Guest Lecturer

1 Videotapes

0 Role play simulations

3 Case studies

7 Slides, Power Point, Overhead transparencies

3 Other: Interactive Training; varied methods; guest lecture and a panel


9.  What is your preferred location for having the ACME Chapter meetings/ Programs?

4 Have meetings!programs always in the same location

12 Alternate meeting sites


Please give suggestions for meeting and/or program sites:


South Ridge Motor Inn, Zimms, Perkins; meet at member locations; have two designated locations


10 What is your biggest stumbling block preventing you from attending ACME Chapter meetings and/or programs?


Not enough time; other responsibilities; time and location of meetings; children!child care issues; travel schedule; my schedule; time commitment; lack of participation; I live far away; fatigue.


11. How would you like to be notified of upcoming ACME Chapter meetings and/or programs?


4 Mailing


12 E-mail

0 Other: