Appendix A: Tentative Outline for Feasibility Report


I.                   Introduction

A.     Problem Statement

1.      Company background

2.      Current company status (the problem)

a.       Low retention rate

b.      Poor management

c.       Dissatisfied customers

d.      Overworked employees

B.     Possible Consequences

1.      Customers could leave Rednerís

2.      Company image could be destroyed

3.      Store could be shutdown


I.                   Methodology

A.     Interviewed Bill Hueber, general store manager, and Amy Yuengling, customer service manager

B.     Surveyed Rednersí employees

C.     Researched two competitors, Acme and Pathmark, online

D.     Emailed Human Resources department at Acme and Pathmark

E.      Read Managing Human Resources by Arthur Sherman, George W. Bohlander, and Scott A. Snell; and The HR Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy, and Performance by Brian E. Becker, Mark A. Huselid, and David Ulrich


III.            Criteria for Evaluation

A.     Cost-effective

1.      Does not exceed company budget expectations

2.      Benefits outweigh costs

B.     Customers must be positively affected

1.      Long lines must decrease

2.      Service quality must increase

C.     Employees must be positively affected

1.      Customer service representatives and employees must not be overworked

2.      Morale must increase

3.      Training program quality must improve

D.     Time-effective

1.      Must not take away from necessary routine work

2.      Benefits outweigh time spent


IV.            Potential Solutions

                        A.     Overhaul management           

B.     Revamp management training program

C.     Revise employee training program

D.     Hold employee morale meetings

E.      Improve benefits program/incentives


V.                 Evaluation of Potential Solutions

A.     Compare advantages of each

B.     Weigh against criteria

C.     Tally up total for each solution

D.     Choose solution(s) with highest sum


VI.            Recommendations (to be determined)


VII.            Conclusion

A.     Summarize

B.     Reinforce the benefits of the chosen solution(s)

            C.     Leave contact information