Appendix A: Preliminary Outline of Feasibility Report


I.                    Introduction

A.     Problem Statement

1.      The present record keeping system used at Tanfastique Tanning Salon is highly outdated and inadequate.

2.      Description of current record keeping system and its positive and negative features.


            B.     Consequences of problem

1.      Use of card system causes disorganization.

2.      Incorrect filing results in client information to become lost or recorded incorrectly.

 3.      Card system brings about inconvenience for employees and customers.


II.                 Criteria for Evaluation of Solutions

A.     Cost of implementation

B.     Time needed to execute solution

C.     Effectiveness

1.      Benefits for employees.

2.      Benefits for clientele.

D.     Feasibility

III.                Potential Solutions

A.     Install a Computer Software Database that is designed to organize the specific information


B.     Update and organize the current filing system

1.      Move the cards to an area with more space.

2.      Go through the cards every three months and discard any that belong to clients that have not returned.


IV.              Evaluation of Potential Solutions

A.     Examination of the possible solutions based on the criteria.


V.                 Recommendations

A.     Most feasible solution

B.     Implementation

1.      How will the solution be implemented?

2.      When will the new system begin?

3.      How will the solution be financed?


VI.              Conclusion

A.     Summary of report

B.     Reiteration of recommendation

C.     Contact information