And what about quizzes?


Quizzes can happen at any time, but the most popular times are when I have given you alot of information recently in a lecture or an activity OR when I notice that attention is waning. 

Quizzes will be taken and corrected in class so you know what you got.  They will be part of your participation grade and I will drop your lowest score.  Since you do not have a schedule of when quizzes will happen, you will not know if you will miss one, should you miss a day of class.  Make-ups will be handled on an individual basis depending on why you missed that day of class.

As for what you can expect on a quiz, don't have a text for the class so the quiz comes entirely from lecture, handouts, and activities we do in class.  Anything I say, no matter how minute it may seem to you, is fair game.  Therefore, I suggest you take good notes.

Bonus questions are a different matter.  I, too, am a student, and I never liked the kids that got the bonus questions that didn't need the points  anyway.  Thus, the bonus question could be on anything: from art to pop culture to literature to you name it.  This gives everyone a sporting chance. 

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