If you were a vegetable....

Why do I torture you with the "question of the day?"  Well, there are three reasons.  

One, it gets you thinking right off the bat.  No longer can the sluggish student maintain that morning malaise half-way through the class!  The question of the day is like half a can of Redbull to get those brain cells up and moving.

Two, it puts you on your toes, just like an interview question would do.  You would be surprised what kinds of crazy interview questions get thrown at people these days.  One of my students last semester said she was asked "If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be?" at an interview for a professional company.  While issues like your favorite Muppet might not be par for the course in a usual interview, getting those neurons firing in new directions can help you get your bearings and think quickly, like you would have to do in an interview setting.  Remember, there is no, "that's a good question, can you come back to me?" in an interview.

Three, social reasons.  I know you have been through classes where you just sit there all semester, praying for it to end and not getting to know those people around you.  Well, no longer!  By knowing people's innermost secrets, such as what song they listened to when they got up that morning, you can now converse, almost like normal human beings.  Besides making class interaction alot more interesting for everyone involved, this whole thing makes it easier to talk to another class member in public, should you bump into each other.

That's all I got.

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