June 20, 2000



Mrs. Juniata Jones

Pepsi Cola

101 Fairmont Road

New York, NY 10101


Dear Mrs. Jones:


I have always been an avid drinker of Pepsi Cola Products.  My company, Doc Rock International, has been a valuable customer of your products, ordering approximately 20,000 cases of your various beverages per week for the vending machines in our multiple office buildings throughout the nation.  Employees enjoy your refreshing product on breaks, and then are able to return to their workday revitalized.


Certainly our continued business relationship is valuable to both our corporations.  I feel that it is my duty to inform you of a defective case of Dr. Pepper cans found in our office in Ozark, Nebraska.  Employees were shocked to find various body parts floating inside their soda cans.  After further examination, we determined that four different cans contained human fingers along with the sweet-tasting cola.  Unless there is a new contest that we are not aware of, we wish to replace the defective cases with an untainted shipment of Dr. Pepper.  Because we realize that any leak of this kind of information to the public could severally damage Pepsiís good name, we also require a compensation of ten million dollars to remain confidential under the current circumstances.


I look forward to receiving our new case of Dr. Pepper, and our monetary refund shortly.  As always, if you have any concerns about our arrangements, please contact Mr. Ambrocious Finch, the Director of Vending for Doc Rock International at 814-888-8989


Thank you for your cooperation,


Doc Rissel

President and CEO


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