Sales Letter

What was my strategy for this letter?

·        When Ms. Cotugno begins to read this letter I want her to feel like she is reading a commercial.  I want her to hear the voice-over in her head.

·        To start off I proposed a question to capture her interest and make sure that she would read on.

o       I used the word “dreariness” to make it feel as if the office parties that she went to were lame.

·        Then I proposed a question to see if she if she was interested in the remedy for the lame parties.

·        In the next sentence I invited her to use “Everyone Gets Laid.”

o       I used the word invite to make it feel as if she was being invited to her first exciting party.  I thought that this would be a good technique to get her in the proper mind set.

·        In the second paragraph I wanted to give her a feel of how we operate.

o       After doing some research I found out that she was someone that enjoyed smoking the occasional marijuana cigarette.

o       So, I mentioned the 420 party.

§         I said that it was “critically acclaimed” to let her know that she was dealing with high quality professionals.

o       I included a free sample of the weed in the letter.

§         I did this because I was aware that she liked pot.

§         I bolded it so she remembered to smoke it (you know potheads and how they forget to do everything).

o        Then I jumped to the total opposite end of the spectrum by mentioning the rap video party.

§         I did this to let her know that we have whatever she is in the mood for.

§         And I informed her on some of the props that come in the package.

o       I then told her that the fun doesn’t stop there and listed a few more of the many parties that we can supply.

o       In the last sentence I said that it seems expensive and then inserted a very important “but” and then wrote out the price.

§         The “but” was important because it lets the reader feel as if it is the opposite of the word that I just used (which was expensive).

§         I wrote out the price so she didn’t get overwhelmed just in case she thought it was a high number.

·        In the last paragraph I wanted to make sure that I successfully roped her in and will make a sale.

o       I reminded her of the boring parties that she used to go to.

o       Then I told her that her guests would be excited about the party.

§         Adding in that she would be the talk of the town and that her popularity would sore is to get her excited to conduct business with “Everyone Gets Laid.”

o       Then I added the sweetest part of the letter by telling her that if she called now she could save more than thirty dollars.

§         I put the numbers “19.99” so she can see how low it actually is.

§         The three easy payments is a technique I stole from infomercials that I have seen on television.  It makes the price look more appealing.

o       I ended it by reminding her to call and giving her the proper contact information.

·        I threw in the P.S. to show her that if she acts now she gets something for free.

o       I bet you are probably thinking that she is a woman and probably doesn’t really want a big booty ho, but I heard that she is in to that type of thing (Hey! A guy can dream, can’t he?).

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