The Request Letter

What was my strategy for this letter?

·        I wanted Mr. Bobrow to have his company join up with me and pull off a great practical joke.

·        The very first sentence I used is an attention grabber.

o       I asked him if he was interested in free advertising, great publicity, $5,000.

o       I did this because I knew that these three things are very appealing to him.

o       Then, knowing that I have his interest, I tell him to keep reading.

·        First I inform him of how he might remember me and then give him a brief overview of  what the prank entails.

o       I want him to remember me so he knows that I am not a first time customer and he can check that I was reliable with my payment.

·        In the second paragraph I give a bit of background and go into more detail about the prank and how I plan on going about it.

o       I mention what type of party we would throw on purpose because I want Mr. Bobrow to know that he is dealing with a legitimate company.

·        I then give him the precise order of how much of what we need.

o       This shows that he is going to make a good sale and that I am totally prepared for this prank.

·        I then told him of how priceless Chuck’s reaction would be.

o       I refer to him as Chuck for the first and only time so Mr. Bobrow is certain that I am friends with him (because only a friend would refer to Charles as Chuck) and he won’t get in trouble for being involved in this.

·        In the last paragraph I inform him how he is going to get the free advertisement and the publicity.

·        I finish it off by having him think about the wonders that this can do for his company’s reputation and then I give him my contact number.

·        The P.S. is to remind him of the most important thing that his company is going to gain from this.

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