Parts of a Business Letter


Letterhead            Island Graphics

                                            893 Dillingham Boulevard

                                            Honolulu, HI    96817- 8817

line 12 or 2 lines below letterhead

Dateline                September 30, 2001

2 to 10 lines

Inside Address    Mr. T. M. Wilson

                                  Visual Concepts Enterprises

                                  1901 Haumaulaii Highway

                                  Lihue, HI 96766

1 blank line

Salutation            Dear Mr. Wilson,

1 blank line


1 blank line


This letter illustrates block letter style, about which you asked.  All typed lines begin at the left margin.  The date is usually placed two inches from the top edge of the paper or two lines below the last line of the letterhead, whichever position is lower.

In modified block style, the dateline and closing lines are started at the center instead of a the left margin.


If a subject line is included, it appears two lines below the salutation.  The word SUBJECT is optional.  Most readers will recognize a statement in this position as the subject without an identifying label.  The complimentary close appears two lines below the end of the last paragraph.

1 blank line

Complimentary    Sincerely,


3 blank lines

Signature             Mark H. Wong

Block                  Graphics Designer

1 blank line

Reference             MHW:pil



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