Dan G

Everyone Gets Laid

203 Bangher Ave.

Canigitsum, Wisconsin 53703



Mr. Spencer Bobrow

Practical Jokes

158 McMahon Lane

Gotchya, Conn. 06790



Dear Mr. Bobrow,


Are you interested in a free advertisement, great publicity for your company, and receiving $5,000 for it?  If so please keep reading.  You might remember me from the last time we did business together back in 1998.  I would like your help in pulling off one of the most elaborate pranks ever constructed. We stole Mr. Lippman’s towel from the shower in the company gym locker room.  One of my good friends, Charles Hollander, is the President and CEO of J. Spew, Inc.  I would like for him to believe that every one of his employees threw-up or left a number two on the floor of where they work.  His reaction to this will be both unique and extremely hilarious.


Charles always brags about how his company can take care of any cleaning problems that one of my company’s parties can create.  Well I plan on making him eat his words and here is my plan.  I will invite all of J. Spew to a “Rap Video Party” on a Thursday night and notify the employees beforehand of that practical joke.  Everyone will appear to be having an extraordinarily good time (which they should be having anyway because of how great our parties are) and seem extremely intoxicated.  When the party is over is when you at Practical Jokes step in.  We need to have 256 fake vomits and 5 fake poops strategically placed all over the offices of J. Spew before Mr. Hollander enters the office this day.  I will take care of having all of the employees in early.  If pulled off successfully I plan on seeing Chuck’s face turn from bright red to green and then back to red after the joke is revealed to him.


Of course I will hire someone to video the entire process of the practical joke.  I will give you and your company access to the video to use in future advertisements.  Due to the size of the prank I am sure that the press will get wind of it.  Just think of the great reputation that you and your company can gain from this experience.  I look forward to hearing what you think.  Please contact me in my office at 516-GET-LAID or 516-438-5243.





Dan G



P.S.  Just think of the name that you can create for your company.

To Memo