Possible Topics for Presentations

The topics are listed and the groups can decide to do whatever they like with them.  However, I do expect a presentation that is professional, informative, and worth the class time.  When I have done group reports before,  students brainstorm for a couple days and then either email me or meet with me to talk about what direction they would like to take before they start amassing information.  Remember, presentations are a little harder than what they look, so you have to have style...do something more than stand and talk.  Even your vivacious teacher gets boring when she does that!


Picks of the Litter:

  1. Business Ethics in the News.  I would approve each of you for this if you all had different instances.  The instance must be within the past three years and involve Business Communications of some sort.

  2. Utilizing online resume services such as Monster.com.  I may be willing to offer this to two groups, since it is such a large topic.

  3. Cross Cultural Business Exchanges.  This is an uber-broad topic that needs narrowed down, but something that should be covered.  You may want to pick a country or certain taboos that you would like to cover.  I am open to alot in this category.  Mayhaps another two-grouper.

  4. Use of web pages/email/technology for customer service and feedback, how this opens the marketplace.

  5. Reports on a barrage of different business success books.  We see business books (not textbooks, but real best selling books) on the shelf all the time with intriguing titles like 60 Seconds & You're Hired! by Robin Ryan.  This is your chance to read and showcase these books and any helpful insights they offer to your classmates.

  6. Preparing for Nonstandard Interviews.  It is an employers market nowadays and the employee must expect to go through a rigorous process to find a winning job.  What are some of the things that an interviewee should be aware of when jumping into the job pool?

Other, More Standard, Picks:

  1. Other Business Correspondence, such as press releases,  etc.

  2. Networking skills.  (Though it is essential in the business world, this topic needn't be boring, so bring some new life to it.)

  3. Resources to help you find or get that first job or internship (This can be an in-depth examination of one source or an overview of several.  Again, this could be taken by more than one group, granted they tackle different aspects.)

  4. Sure fired ways to make a million in two years.  (I will give you an A if they are guaranteed to work!)

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