Collaborative Research Presentation


Format: This presentation comes in two forms, one for me and one for your classmates.  The copy you hand to me will be in the form of a memo while you will be giving a real business-like presentation to your classmates.  There will be feedback from me, of course, but the difference with this assignment is that we will discuss the presentation afterwards in the class with your peers via their feedback.  

Office ConferenceThis is a truly necessary part of this assignment.  The group as a whole should meet with me in my office for about ten minutes to a half an hour to discuss what tack the group will be taking on the presentation.  There are many ways to approach a presentation as a group and I am only here to help you get your ideas straight and push you in the right direction.  While the office conference is not graded, your group will be docked a letter grade should you not be there (just like a rough draft session).  Should the group members not be able to meet with me together, they should elect a leader to bring me the plans and then meet with me whenever they can after those plans have been presented.   

Memo: Each member of the group gives me a memo.  Ideally, these should be given to me the class period before the presentation so I have time to peruse them.  The memo to me should be a formal outline of the presentation that you are giving.  It could be viewed as your notes, tidied up a bit, and given to your superior (in this case, me) to inform that person about the contents of your presentation.  Remember, memos should be about one topic, thus no wandering.  You should highlight the most interesting parts of the presentation you are giving, with important statistics highlighted (audio, and even visual, presentations do not hit the numbers and facts as much as you might like sometimes, so if it is important, put it in there!)  While there is no set length for the memo, you should get all the information that you presented to the class (and, at times, things you did not have time to discuss that I might elect to bring up after the formal presentation is over).  

The Formal Presentation: The form for your classmates will encompass the most valuable I's in business communication, Interesting and Informative.  When you make presentations in the business world, they should be both these things to hold the interest and give the vital info to the people who are watching it.  Remember, each group member should have roughly seven to ten minutes of time to present his or her findings.  Any type of visual aid that you can come up with usually only helps in business presentations, so keep that in mind.  And anything as far as technology in the room is fair game.  However, this should be a very professional presentation, so no dressing up like insects and such.   You should also make use of any of the information presented in class previous for your own presentations.


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